29th Birthday

04/03/2017 6 Comments

Today is my 29th birthday and before I share some things about myself I want to thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I’m so thankful to be part of this sweet blogging community!

  I’m excited to share 20 things about me to celebrate my last year of being in my 20s. Some of these things I’ve talked about before on the blog and some I have not!

  1. I was born on Easter and my dad kept up the schtick that the doctors had to cut off my bunny ears for a good 15 years lol.
  2. I have a big crazy loving family that I don’t think I could ever live in a world without. My mom is one of 8 and my dad is one of 3. Both sides of my family hang out together all the time!
  3. My best friend to this day is a girl I met in the 3rd grade and we’ve had some pretty awesome adventures in our 20 years as bffs!
  4. I’m a lifelong New England Patriots fan thanks to my dad, grandpa and uncle who bought season tickets 23 years ago when they weren’t so great 😉
  5. My favorite city in the entire world is London. It’s on my bucket list to live there for a month or two.
  6. My favorite country in the world besides the US is New Zealand.
  7. My greatest accomplishment so far is skydiving in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Up until that point I was pretty cautious and not that adventurous. I hated flying and I don’t go on rollercoasters. I had no family or friends with me for the experience so it was completely out of my comfort zone. So happy I did it 🙂
  8. I lived in Mooloolaba, Australia for 5 months and studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast (yes it was a real school lol).
  9. I developed an allergy to avocado in the last 5 years and it upsets me greatly because I use to love guacamole!
  10. I watch/listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN almost every morning instead of the news or morning shows.
  11. I have my motorcycle license.
  12. I have a goal to get to all 50 states and I’m currently at: 31
  13. My biggest pet peeve is white lettuce! I can’t stand when I’m out to eat and I get a burger or a salad and what’s suppose to be lettuce is just white crunchy nothing lol.
  14. I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years and now live back in New York.
  15. I’m an improviser. Improv is one of my loves that I discovered in my 20s. Thanks to Amy Poehler’s UCB!
  16. I danced in the middle of the night in Times Square and Grand Central Station in the movie Friends with Benefits.
  17. I tried to serve Kim and Kanye fresh market taco appetizers once and it was one of the most awkward moments of my life.
  18. I was on an episode of the Young & the Restless.
  19. I always mix trader joe’s popcorn and sour patch kids as a snack when I see a movie at the theater.
  20. I try to eat ice cream once a day 🙂


I truly can’t believe this is the last year of my 20s. I’ve grown in many ways the past 9 years and I’ve learned so much. It’s kind of symbolic that my passport, which holds my whole international travel life, has to be renewed later this year. I feel like I’ll be starting a whole new chapter 🙂

There is no place I’d rather be spending today with my family, drink in hand, on a beach with some sun. I’m very thankful today 🙂


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    Oh my gosh the avocado allergy is so sad! I love how much you have travelled in your life and hope that the adventures continue for you girl! Happy happy birthday girl! xo, Biana

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks Biana!! The avocado allergy makes me so sad still. Traveling makes me so happy so I figured I should make it a priority 🙂

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    Bri @ My Life As...


    Happy birthday!!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thank you so much Bri!

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    What a fun post! DD2 just turned 30 on April 1 and I’d love for her to do something like this for the family. We’re a large family, too and spend loads of time together. Mike and Mike? LOVE them! Stopping by from Sharefest.

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    I love improv, too! There’s nothing like laughing at the ridiculous things that happen when you’re on stage 🙂