3 Days in Iceland

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Iceland in 3 days

Blue lagoon Iceland

I went on my first trip to Iceland at this time last year and think about it often. Iceland is definitely the new thing right, I feel like everyone I know has a trip planned to the magical country, and they should. Even if you are on your way over to Europe you should make a quick stop in Iceland, it only takes less than 3 days to see it’s beauty. I would recommend looking into WOW Airlines because they have fabulous prices and daily routes from the US & Europe.


Anytime of year will do, they are especially know for their New Years Eve celebrations and summer time scenery. However I thought April was a beautiful time to visit and even had “nice” weather. I say “nice” because Iceland is known for it’s temperamental climate, and we happened to catch it when it was pretty warm and dry for spring time, then 10 mins later raining & snowing ;-).

Here is my 3 day Itinerary.

Day One

Land in Reykjavik any time of the day but this itinerary let’s say mid-day purposes. Take the Reykjavik Excursions Flybus to your hotel. It’s the best form of transportation to/from the airport as KEF is 45 mins outside of Reykjavik. I recommend any hotel on Laugavegur Street since it’s in the center of the city. However since the whole city is so small, you could find reasonably accommodations outside that area. I had a fabulous stay at Hotel From, they even upgraded my room when I arrived. They had all the amenities and were within walking distance to Hallgrimskirkja, the harbor and various restaurants and bars. They also provided a continental breakfast, shoutout to T-who knows I love my breakfasts, which was helpful since food is so expensive in Iceland.

Hotel Fron Iceland Hotel Fron Reykjavik

Walk the streets of Reykjavik shopping, eating and drinking. at some of my favorites; The Little Christmas Shop, Dinner at Icelandic Bar (always try the local delicacies-LAMB), and Gelato at Bada Bing (more on this in another post).

image IMG_8151 IMG_8169 IMG_8173

Like I said, the city is small, so you could walk around the main parts of it through the first afternoon/night.

Day Two

Book a tour to the Golden Circle with GeoIceland Tours. I’m so happy I went with this company, if you are looking for a more intimate experience while touring the golden circle at a great price, look into this tour company. Our tour guide was very knowledgable about all things Iceland through out our whole day and was very friendly and answered individual questions. My cousin and I traveled with 8 other people in a small bus that had comfortable seats and big windows to take in all the wonderful views. Since this is a quick version of how to see Iceland I do recommend taking a tour and being a passenger because you get to take in the vast scenery more than you would if you were driving a rental car. The Golden Circle is the #1 tour to take because it features three of the major sites Iceland has to offer; Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot spring. This tour also brings you to a few smaller sites and one private waterfall that other tours don’t go to! Their website has all the info you need and the whole day takes about 8 hours. That leaves time for dinner and more walking around Reykjavik!

Gulifloss Waterfall image image image Iceland image image

Day Three

Wake up and go relax at the Blue Lagoon! Now this is something you can switch out with on Day one instead but I’m so happy we booked our time at the Blue Lagoon before our flight. Also the Flybus will be the best transport to get to the Blue Lagoon, and they also have transportation to the airport. Situated closer to the airport, The Blue Lagoon offers a relaxing and unique experience in a purely volcanic rock area. The pictures speak for themselves, plus I’m assuming you’ve already seen the Blue Lagoon all over Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and thats why you’re coming to Iceland. You don’t need more than 3 hours there unless you really want to indulge in the whole experience and I do recommend bringing any waterproof equipment you will need for phones and cameras. They really have a nice facility and great management of your luggage that you will probably have with you, because again you should book it on your way to/from the airport. I took a taxi to the airport to catch my flight due to time restraints with the Flybus and it was a little more expensive, but worth the extra time at the Lagoon. Fly out of KEF, a pretty nice airport, I might add.

image Blue Lagoon Iceland image IMG_8312

You can always add more days to see the Northern Light’s (Nov-Beginning of April), scuba dive at the Silfra and see the black sand coastline. There is always more to see at any destination, but Iceland really is small enough to get the culture and geological sites done in three days.



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    Christy Swagerty (whatupswags)


    This is a great guide to Iceland! I’ve heard WOW Airlines is the cheapest, too, lately, which is awesome that there’s another airline competing to lower the prices of Iceland Air! Thanks for linking up your gorgeous photos and excellent recommendations with us on Travel Tuesday!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks Christy! I agree, I’m happy there is competition among the airlines, lower prices=more travel!

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    Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad


    Iceland just seems jam packed with the coolest stuff. I’d love to go to the blue lagoon, and all the waterfalls. I think there are a few though so I’d have my work cut out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Reply

      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks for stopping by Rachel! I would go back just to see more of the waterfalls. I was only able to see two so that clearly wasn’t enough 🙂