3 Reasons to Visit Tamarindo, Costa Rica

06/27/2016 5 Comments
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Pura Vida!Tamarindo Costa Rica // Cupcake N Dreams

The beaches, the beautiful weather, the relaxing nature are all obvious reasons to visit Costa Rica but I wanted to list three reasons you should visit this amazing little town that I found impressive during my trip. Sorry in advance for the lack of great pictures, I traveled in 2009 when I wasn’t into travel photography :-/

1.) Fresh Food


Cupcake N Dreams // Coconut

I could not get over how tasteful and healthy the food was in this area. The fruit, the coffee and even the sushi was just amazing. Full of flavor and as whole as food can get, I felt great while visiting for a week. Most of the time on vacation you feel like crap because of all the indulgent food you eat, in Costa Rica I never felt that way! I recommend trying a roadside coconut as a refreshing beverage 🙂

2.) American & European Residents

Shopping center in town

Shopping center in town


Tamarindo is known for being home to Ex-Pats and Europeans who open businesses and live a simpler life in Central America. I enjoyed the hispanic culture of Costa Rica just as much as meeting different Europeans with exciting stories about how they landed in Tamarindo. The reason I visited this beautiful town in the first place was due to one my high school best friends’ mother moving there and starting a business. One of the wonderful things about travel is coming across people who live differently from you and opening up possibilities of living life that you haven’t thought about before.

3.) Sunsets



The sunsets pretty much speak for themselves along the west coasts of Central America however they are truly that impressive in person. Every night we would grab a costa rican beer and head for the beach to watch the “show”. It really did look like the sun was falling into the ocean and that we were at the end of the world. I will never forget those beautiful sunsets.




These are just a few reasons I love Tamarindo, Costa Rica and with more flights available from US cities into Liberia, it’s easier than ever to experience it’s magic. In another post I will talk about some of the excursions around the Mount Arenal, Costa Rica area.


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    I’ve been wanting to visit Costa Rica for SO long! It looks like such an amazing place! I’ve heard about the breathtaking sunsets and fresh food, but I had no idea there were so many Americans and Europeans opening businesses down there! I guess I can’t blame them! 😀 Thanks for sharing and linking up for #wanderfulwednesday!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Yes it’s a great place to keep in mind when traveling to Costa Rica! Thanks for hosting the link up and stopping by Lauren 🙂

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    Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld


    These are all great reasons to visit Costa Rica, it’s definitely on my list! 🙂

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      I’m glad to hear it, thanks for stopping by Marcella!