6 Delicious Spots to Eat & Drink in Seattle

11/15/2017 3 Comments

When it comes to Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind may be music and the second might be coffee. Or vice versa.

Well, let me tell you that good food should also come to mind! There are so many different neighborhoods in the city and I wasn’t able to get to all of them. You can always eat your way through Pike Place. I’ll have another post up soon about spots to check out while strolling the historical market.

However, the following are my picks for some delicious fare around the city:

Mezcaleria Oaxaca || Named one of the best Mexican restaurants in Seattle, this Capital Hill staple offers everything from fish tacos to carne asada plates. Their margaritas are the perfect blend of sour and sweet and bonus they have a rooftop bar. Although you can’t order everything available on the downstairs menu up top.

Mbar || Mbar is the place with the view!! Seriously, it’s so popular mainly for the real estate up in the air. I highly recommend a reservation when checking this trendy spot out. I ordered an ahi tuna appetizer which was delicious but most people come for the cocktails. They have an abundant list of beer, wine and fun drinks to take in the Seattle skyline with!

Kizuki-Traditional ramen || I feel like the west coast has the ramen game down pat. It’s not something I seek out living here on the east coast, but I was pleasantly surprised with this spot. Their service was fast and the waiters were really helpful in navigating the large menu. I definitely ended up with the basic low sodium chicken ramen I was looking for. If you are a little more adventurous with this type of food, don’t you worry, they have something for you too.

Umi Sake House– || Yummy sushi spots are hard to find in new places. Umi is a sake house open until the late night hours in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. It offers inventive rolls, like the lucky leprechaun above, and izakaya-style snacks to enjoy either at their expansive bar or garden room. The atmosphere was an added bonus in my opinion. I was digging the different rooms. Definitely recommend making a reservation for Friday or Saturday nights.

Homegrown || If seeking out responsible and artisanal fare is important to you then I’ve got just the spot for you. Homegrown offers sustainable sandwiches, salads and soups from locally sourced food all while reducing their impaction the environment. My chicken cherry pecan sandwich was a delicious and made me feel like I was making a healthy choice.


Some Random Bar || Can’t forget about the drinks when exploring a new city! Some Random Bar in the Belltown neighborhood obviously had a sarcastic vibe but their cocktails were even better then their names. I added my instastories pic because you had to see my “Devil’s Margarita” the bartender whipped up. I’m actually sad I didn’t get to try any of the food because the whiskey chili and peach cobbler sounded amazing.



Like I said, there are many more delicious spots in Seattle, I’m sure of it.

Stay tuned for a #DessertFirst Seattle post coming soon!

Do you have any delicious spots in Seattle you want to add?! Now I’m hungry, off to recreate a cherry chicken pecan sandwich 😉


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    They all look like great places!

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    Gary has been to seattle but I’ve never been – so I really want to go – especially now because you’ve shared all these delicious meals! xo, Biana

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    Actually, when I think about Seattle (and Portland), I think about food. At least, that is the fame they have here in the West. Therefore, I am happy to read your recommendations for the city. It is better to go to places recommended by others (as opposed of reading reviews on certain sites). #WanderfulWednesday