Dessert First- Los Angeles Part One

04/06/2016 3 Comments
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Los Angeles was my home away from home for 4 years and it gave me some of the best desserts a girl could consume 🙂 I’ve decided to break this city into parts considering it’s size and plethora of different types of desserts. These first four I’m going to cover are old and recent favorites! If you are traveling to LA soon you NEED to stop at one or all 😉


My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of all time! I realize you can find Pinkberry in other major cities but the fact that  it always brightens up my day is why it is getting first mention. Whenever I need a quick pick me up and Pinkberry is within driving/walking distance (who am I kidding I will drive an hour for it) I need to stop. I am a huge fan of the toppings Pinkberry offers, dark chocolate crisps anyone?!. They also have the employees do it for you therefore being more sanitary in my book. 

Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese is a cookie shop nestled in Westwood, CA near the UCLA Campus was one of the first places I ever visited in LA. A family member had told my sister and I about it and from the first bite we were hooked. The cookies are made in house and are soft and chewy, perfect to pair with ice cream. You can purchase cookies by the dozens, brownies and make sundaes too. They even have little milks for purchase to go with  your cookie dessert! The best part of all might be the price, $2 for an ice cream sandwich!! I might fly there right now for one…

Ridge’s Churro Bar

ridges churro bar fruity pebbles

This food truck is a new addition to my LA List because it just opened last month. I wanted to put it on my first post because it was THAT GOOD. My love for churros definitely developed throughout my years in LA. I was so excited to try this one out when I saw it start popping up all over Instagram. I actually walked blocks in downtown LA with my cousin and her friend just to find the truck, and it was heaven when we did 🙂 They don’t have an extensive menu but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Churros+Ice Cream=LOVE LOVE LOVE




After’s is an ice cream chain with a few stores in the LA area. I drove to the Pasadena one for my ice cream and cereal sandwich experience. It was a very small outdoor location with minimal seating and I am told the lines can get VERY long. I went on an off day right when it opened at noon but I can see how long waits are possible. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ice cream I chose, cookie monster, but I feel like I could find something to obsess over if I went more often. They have a lot of different combinations to try. Worth the drive though!

los angeles afters ice cream

Like I said I will continue to make posts about desserts in Los Angeles because i’ve had some other favorite but if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

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