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One of the main reasons I wanted to blog was to document and share my experiences traveling the world, especially the parts where I drag my travel buddies to places because I saw somewhere online that they have amazing ____ fill in the blank ;-). Well I have spent countless hours on Yelp in different cities to find these gems when sometimes all you need is a good old fashion recommendation from a close friend (nobody has time to go through all those reviews!) So I thought I would share with you the places I have been to and whether or not they are worth that walk, drive or subway ride! I also would love to get new ideas for places to go when I am visiting some of these places again. Leave a comment below about one of your favorite dessert stops/boulangeries in Paris!

My sister was the reason I recently visited Paris. She is living out her dream of living in Paris for a year as an Au Pair. So naturally I just had to visit and make my trip for New Years Eve. Two of these places are around her neighborhood and one is an Instagram favorite I figured I would check out.


This bakery was what you think of when you see Paris in movies, the pastries and desserts were all so abundant and beautifully made. There are two locations but this one was around the corner from my sister in Montmartre in the 18th Arr. (District)

My sister picked out what tasted like a mango-cocconut slice of heaven! We also picked out one of their “chocolate cakes” which I put quotes around because they didn’t have specific names. I say when in Paris let your eyes doing the picking 😉 #IWANTEVERYTHING



Paul is a chain store through out Paris but their pastries don’t taste store bought! Mainly because everything in Paris is made fresh daily. So I wasn’t upset when my sister came back with our lunches from the grocery store with these gems. This chocolate cake and raspberry tart were the perfect end to a light french lunch. #BringOnTheDessertCourse






Angelina Mount Blanc Dessert Visit Paris


Angelina was the Instagram favorite that I wanted to visit. The pictures and descriptions of their famous Mount Blanc and L’African Hot Chocolate made this the first stop on New Year’s Eve Day. The beautifully regal bakery/tea room faces Tuileries Garden so even though we had to wait in a long line to get a table, the scenery and people watching was worth the wait. Once we were seated we chose the Mount Blanc (signature item), Eclair Chocolat, and one of the Millefeuilles to eat as well as the signature hot chocolate. We added a side of toast with three different jams to sample because when in Paris: #EatCarbs.




The eclair and jams were my favorite part. Everything was pretty rich so if you aren’t a fan of rich desserts I would try one to split with some of their other options for lunch and/or breakfast. The Mount Blanc wasn’t my favorite but if everyone is trying it I felt like I had to. It was a puff pastry and had too much chocolate (shocking for me to say that). The hot chocolate was thick and rich as well but definitely warmed us up on the cold day. I really liked the ambience of the tea room, it is a favorite of the aristocracy and really made you feel like you were doing something special in Paris. #WhatWouldCocoDo


Angelina team room Mont Blanc


Extra Stop: Boulangerie Aux Délices I was CRAVING a chocolate croissant, ok maybe every day that I was in Paris, but none the less I wanted to venture out in the local neighborhood of one of the families my sister is working with to find one. This bakery was one block away from the Garibaldi metro stop and it didn’t disappoint!


These were the top 3 places we stopped to satisfy our sweet tooth but I would love to know where you all have been in Paris when that Pain Au Chocolat craving hits!! Leave a comment below 🙂

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    Lana B


    Pretty much any boulangerie in Paris–amazing! Every time! Angelina’s was an absolute favorite of mine, too! And Paul’s, well, you really can’t go wrong, and luckily there is one on every corner, like our Starbucks in the U.S.!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      I didn’t realize that Paul’s was on every corner like Starbuck’s until my sister started pointing them out. You are right, any boulangerie in Paris is amazing!! Thanks for stopping by Lana 🙂