Fall 2016 Goals

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 I’ve been an avid blog reader for a few years now and I always love reading about blogger’s monthly goals. I always take away some fun and practical ideas to incorporate into my life or my future. Since I’ve started my own blog this year I thought now I should join in on the fun and officially list my goals. I’ve always make lists in my head about things I want to accomplish or new things/places I want to try. So with the start of a new season approaching I’m going to take this time to list goals, most of them are just for fun. I’m going to start with just a season because monthly seems a little intimidating right now and some of the goals are fall themed 🙂 I’ll report back on how I did with them maybe at the end of next month or the beginning of November.

fall foliage witch

Leave a comment or a link to goals you have for September or the fall season!!

  1. Go hiking during the fall foliage
  2. Make a fall sangria for friends
  3. Pick apples and learn to make an apple pie
  4. Kayak at least once during a beautiful fall day
  5. Explore a new museum in/around your area

Amanda hike

I’m going to start with these for now and will report back if I added any after reading through some other ideas 🙂

Excited to get more out of this season because normally I’m just sad summer’s over 😉

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