Fall Goals 2016 Review

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Fall Season Goals 2016

Woohoo friends I’m feeling super motivated after looking over my completed list! It was a great idea for me to formalize my goals to get more out of the fall season this year. I felt like I actively had to pursue them instead of saying, oh yeah I’ll get to making that apple pie. No I think I do better when I have a purpose 🙂 So here is my recap on how I achieved each goal:

Go hiking during the fall foliage


I couldn’t wait to cross this one off and I had an amazing day in early October to hike one of the peaks in Lake George. I climbed Sleeping Beauty mountain in the Adirondacks with a friend of mine, which was an easy-moderate hike.

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

The views were spectacular due to many of the trees already exploding into visions of red, orange and yellow. I also got a great workout in while catching up with a friend. It only took a few hours from the capital region area, so if you find yourself in the capital region of New York, put a Lake George hike on your list!

img_0904 img_1024 img_1015

Make a fall sangria for friends

Making this recipe of fall sangria I had seen in August was a good learning experience as far as what not to bring to a house party. Don’t get me wrong it was very yummy and those apple chunks soaked in cinnamon whiskey went down to easy. However, I think its best to make if you are hosting the party not going to the party. The amount of sangria was more than I thought and I didn’t have a big enough pitcher or dispenser to transport it in.

tasty buzzfeed fall sangria

It was a huge hit though and I would definitely make it again 🙂 Side note: I’ve become more of a whiskey girl lately!

Pick apples and learn to make an apple pie

img_0668 img_0662

I’m living in New York during the fall for the first time in 5 years so it was a lot easier to cross this one off. There are an abundance of apple orchards around my home town so I just had to pick one, earlier on though because all the apples get picked over quickly.
img_0724 img_0744



Excuse our photo shoot, we had so much fun gathering all different types of apples with my best friend Mal, climbing up the ladders to get the best ones, and enjoying the gorgeous 70 degree September day we had.


Then it was time to bake my first apple pie. Yikes!


Trying to make the crust might be the most annoying thing ever.


I know with practice I will get better but I definitely struggled trying to cover the pan. However it turned out to be delicious, said my family, thanks to Lauren Conrad and her easy to follow apple pie recipe.


I can’t wait to take another crack at it!

Kayak at least once during a beautiful fall day


I’m thankful for all the beautiful warm days Upstate New York had in September and October especially since my parents live on a lake! One afternoon I took my sister’s kayak out on the lake and sliced through the water easily and peaceful for an hour. I’m happy I did this one alone because it was a great way to get some quiet time in while being out on the water. I’m a huge lake person so any days after summer has fallen away that I can spend out on the water are bonus days 🙂

img_0832 img_0840

Explore a new museum in/around your area


Ok I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY as a dancer and I never visited the National Museum of Dance located in the state park. #DancerFail. It’s been in my backyard for more than 20 years and it finally took making this goal to get me there. It was so beautiful inside too!

img_1442 img_1455

Last week I had an afternoon free so I drove up and to my surprise there was no one checking guests in and a sign that said enjoy the museum on us. However, after spending two hours there and soaking in all the information I left a donation in the donation box they had because I truly believe in the power of dance.

img_1438 img_1435


I was really excited to see that one of the exhibits was Dance in Film. Since I’m a film actor who loves dance, this was right up  my alley.


I took my time reading every plaque and board since there was no one else there for the duration of my visit. It was so peaceful! I’ve never gone through a museum by myself before and I might have to start doing it more often on my trips.

I even learned more about the city of Saratoga’s history through their bath’s display.


Cheers to fall! I felt more connected to the season and more purposeful with my time because I wrote out some goals. I think having 5 items was an easy target and I’m inspired to write new ones for the winter!

Leave a link in the comments below if you had some fall goals that you accomplished! I would love to read through them 🙂


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