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First Day of Summer: What’s in My Beach Bag

06/20/2016 2 Comments

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Woohoo First Day of Summer!

It’s one of my favorite days of the year today, the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year makes me so happy because this girl loves the sunlight:-) I’m equally excited about it being the first time in 50 years that the Summer Solstice is accompanied by a full moon. I do enjoy reading about these kinds of things and will definitely try to look up at the sky tonight.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day weekend. I had a ton of family events, which reminded me how special it is to have a big tight knit family. Yesterday while enjoying lake life I realized I’ve streamlined what goes into my beach bag the last two summers. I figured today would be a great day (Hello Summer!) to list my essentials that I keep in my beach (pool, lake, travel) bag all summer that keep me prepared and happy.

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Essentials Pictured

Beach Bag or Tote: Any beach bag/pool bag/tote that works for you! I love this one because it reminds me of one of my favorite vacations/spots in the world. I also love bright colors if you haven’t realized yet 😉

Sunscreen: I tend to use the lotion and at least 30 SPF through out the whole summer!

Water Bottle: I love my Water Vapur Pouch, it keeps my water cool through out the day and I can roll it up into my bag when I’m done without it taking up much room!

Bug Spray: I hate mosquitos, hate them!! They always attract to me no matter what so when I am out all day into night I want to be prepared and spray myself before they start attacking. I have started to use Purification from Young Living as a more organic option.

Water Shoes: Like I said I use this bag for all types of summer activities so when I am near a lake that is mucky or a rockier beach along New England I need water shoes. These are amazing, they have grips on the bottom so I don’t slip, they dry fast and stay on my feet! They have also held up for two summers so far.

iPhone Waterproof Pouch: This pouch makes me so much more comfortable having my phone around water, especially on the boat. It keeps it sealed from water damage and also floats incase it falls into the water! #MUSTHAVE

Flamingo Floating Cup Holder: These are in my bag as a fun extra to make a summer day extra special. They were a huge hit on Father’s Day yesterday and they work really well with solo cups for those lazy tube days on the lake or river 🙂 They come in a 12 pack!

Not Pictured

Plastic Sandwich Bags: Incase I need to put small items like jewelry or money or even my iPhone if for some reason I don’t have the floating case or the Lifeproof. I’ve realized that many times in life a small plastic baggy is needed!

Old Flip Flops: I don’t love to wear my Birkenstock’s around sand or muddy lake areas because I feel like it ruins them faster so I always make sure that I have an old pair of flip flops in my bag to throw on when I would rather not fret over my shoes. #EasySummerLiving

Lifeproof: This is an honorable mention because through out the Summer I like to have this case on my iPhone to protect it from the elements and take underwater pictures!

These items are the most essential in my beach bag. I feel like towel’s are a given as well as bathing suits or coverups so I wanted to talk about the extras that keep me going through out the season. Leave a comment below if you have any special extras in your beach bags!

I love to enjoy the season and all the fun things that go with it!

Amazing Pineapple Float here!!

Happy First Day of Summer Friends! Let’s get out there an enjoy it 🙂

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