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Happy Friday Friends!

I’m off to my first bachelorette weekend of many this year and it’s a place I’ve never explored before. The bride decided to do a cabin weekend to celebrate so I’ll be relaxing in Woodstock, NY through Sunday. I may post a photo or two on Instastories of the beautiful Catskill Mountain area. I found a few new things  that I was excited to share with you all this week.

Knot in Front Style

Finally, a style trend I think I can get on board with. Last year’s bell sleeve was not my favorite, but these cute knot in the front shirts are popping up everywhere. I had a hard time choosing a color for this Gibson top because there were so many options. I LOVE color so I’m always happy when a shirt has a lot of color options to choose from.

Kendra Scott Birth Stone Bracelet

My sister gifted me this beautiful birthstone bracelet by my favorite jewelry designer, Kendra Scott, for Christmas. She knows my love for her stuff. This bracelet is so light, goes with everything (my birthstone is diamond, so that helps lol) and I can stack it with other KS bracelets or random ones. When I was in Seattle last fall and walked into a KS store for the first time, the girl who helped me had this bracelet and I love how she stacked it with other pieces.

Patriots Super Bowl Bound

Tom Brady

I’m so excited the Patriots are Super Bowl bound again this year! I know the rest of the country is probably shaking their heads, but I’m soaking up these moments as much as I can. The AFC championship game was actually a fun game to watch so it feels weird not having some football to watch on Sunday.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I like to keep valentine’s day as low key as possible, but I couldn’t help myself when I started looking for small gifts for J.

For the coffee guy:

For the fitness guy:


Easier Meal Prep

I’m a big fan of bringing my lunch to work/running errands during the day or bringing food when I’m traveling. I just found this cultery set that makes remembering a fork that much easier! I usually grab extra plastic forks and spoons to leave in my purse/car, but it’s probably not the cleanest way to eat your lunch. I like this set because it comes with a silicone case for the three utensils that are easily washable. That way if I eat something super messy I don’t have to worry about my purse getting destroyed! #WIN I love finding new little tools to help me make better choices!

Have a fabulous weekend, see you all Monday!


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    Amy Cotton


    The bachelorette party sounds like it’ll be so fun & beautiful!! Have a great time!! Also that Kendra Scott bracelet is perfect!!

  2. Reply

    Andrea Nine


    Eek, you are going to have so much fun!! Cannot wait for the recap. You must be an April baby like me, love that our birthstone is a diamond and LOVE that sweet bracelet! HAVE a Ball Beautiful!

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    Have so much at the bachelorette weekend! Post a pic on stories if you get a chance. I’m sure it will be beautiful up there! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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    Mother of 3


    Enjoy New York, I have heard wonderful things about the Catskills!

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    Yeahh my family is not rooting for the Patriots. I’m not really a football person. I’ll mostly just read or blog during the game I think. LOL

    Ooh pretty bracelet. Have a great weekend!