Friday Favorites 10.27.17

10/27/2017 3 Comments

Cheers to another Friday!

After a busy last 7 seven days, I’m thrilled to not have too much on the schedule this weekend. I know it’s Halloween weekend, but I’m not feeling it as much as I usually do. Maybe things will change if something festive pops up, other than that I’m excited to see my cousin’s kids dressed up on Tuesday. I was feeling very inspired by some of the cozy and happy things I found this week that turned into favorites. Let’s get to them:

PJ Salvage Pajamas

Now I know what all the fuss is with these pajamas! I bought these navy striped pants last week and been living in them every night since lol.

Outfit of the Week

This was a comfortable not much effort of an outfit this week and my top is on sale! I’ve had these moto leggings for a few years now and love them because they are stretchy like leggings but feel/look more like jeans!

Bar Cart Envy

What’s Up Wednesday

If you missed what I’ve been up too, what I’m reading, what I’m wearing and plus more fall things, click here for this month’s What’s up Wednesday post!



I hope you all have a great weekend!


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    I am crushing on those pajama pants and the hearts shirt. Hope you enjoy a laid back weekend!

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    I always look at decor items like that bar cart and wonder if they really stay that cute all the time. Still, I love it!

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    K. Elizabeth


    Those jammies do look comfy. I’m a pajama girl and I’m always on the hunt for comfortable pjs to add to my rotation. Will have to pick up a pair.