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Happy Friday Friends!

It feels like it’s going to be a great weekend, anyone else excited for it?! I’m also excited for my favorites this week.


My first two favorites this week have to do with my experience with the San Diego Film Festival last weekend. I made my third visit to Drybar Studio City last Friday morning before heading to SD and it was just as fun as the previous visits.

Dryer Steph Curtis

I love how they offer you champagne, mimosas, wine, coffee or water when you first arrive. It’s so fun to have a drink while getting your hair done. I love the set up of the salon, it’s a huge wrap around bar, similar to a restaurant bar, with mirrors and salon chairs everywhere. They always have tons of magazines and chick flicks playing for your enjoyment while getting your blow out. They wash and dry your hair and then ask what style you would like off their menu.Drybar

I love getting the mai-tai style and I also use their Triple Sec texturizing spray at home because it smells amazing. I brought my cousin along with me this time and we both loved how our hair turned out. The curls kept for the next day with some touch ups, however we stopped at the beach later that day so I can’t blame Drybar for the curls falling out a bit. If you have a Drybar in your city, check them out!

Drybar Drybar Drybar

Rent The Runway

I love that we live in a day in age with services like Drybar and Rent the Runway! Seriously they make it so easy to get ready for events. This is my third time using this service and I had another great experience. RTR is a great option if you are sick of shopping for dresses for so many different events, especially if you want to have a different dress for each. They make it so easy to pick out a dress on their website and the fact that they send you two sizes is amazing. I haven’t ever worried about it fitting correctly, one size always ends up fitting just right. However, I do suggest knowing your body and what you are comfortable wearing before selecting one of their dresses.

Rent The Runway

A feature of the website that helps with this is where previous customers put up photos of them in the dress so you can see how it looks on all different body types. The written reviews they post under the pictures really help in choosing the dresses too. This was the first time I sent the dress to a hotel and it was there when I arrived and then I put it back in the garment bag they ship it in and sent it back through UPS the next day. No problems! I will be using RTR again for New Years Eve. If you have a wedding or an event coming up I highly recommend trying Rent the Runway out!


Favorite Link This Week

I always find myself reading a lot of these things to do before your 30 lists, but this one was probably the most interesting and practical.

3 Most Interesting/Memorable Places


I linked up with Emma from London Kiwi yesterday for 3 Most Interesting or Memorable Places I’ve stayed and it was a fun walk down memory lane. It was hard to pick three but check them out here.img_1613

Fall Colors

New York Fall Season 2016

This might be a favorite every week this month! I grew up in the Northeast but I think I’ve taken this season for granted the past few years because I was on the west coast. This is the first time in 5 years that I’ve been in New York for a long period of time and I’m soaking in all the changing of colors around me.

Cheers to Fall // New York Oct 2016

I know a lot of bloggers talk about this when fall season comes around but it does make me happy. It adds an extra boost to my day to take a second and really enjoy the magic of the fall season.

I can’t wait to see what made your favorite lists this week 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

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    Dry Bar is the best! I went there for my bachelorette party and it was awesome. Your dress is so pretty! I want to try Rent the Runway some day!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thank you Laura! I have had a great experience with RTR a few times now so I highly recommend it. I love the idea of bringing a bachelorette party to Drybar!