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Happy Friday friends!

I’m always happy to share my favorite moments, recipes, travels, outfits and everything in between each week. This week was special because a few more exciting than usual things happened. I find that the week after daylight savings can be kind of depressing due to it getting dark so late, but on the flip side I feel like I found more time to enjoy TV shows I’ve been missing. Plus, New York just went from 70 degree weather to 28 today so ya snuggling on the couch at night has been a favorite 🙂 To the favorites…

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So J was really sick all last week and woke up Saturday morning and said “Do you want to go to Montreal for the night” “Um, sure?!” I think he was feeling stir crazy and leaving the house wasn’t enough, he had to leave the country lol. Now it’s not too crazy considering we live under 3 hours from the Canadian border, but there is just something about spontaneous travel.


I turned my phone to airplane mode before we left and besides a yelp search for dinner we didn’t plan a thing and it felt AWESOME. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the planning of a trip that I forget there is something to be said for wandering around aimlessly.

I had been to Montreal 3 times for New Years Eve and never explored the city of even saw their Notre Dame. That was a first stop and from there we browsed Old Montreal. It’s amazing how this city can make you feel like you are in Europe when you are in North America.

If you are headed there any time soon might I suggest Barroco! It was the coziest rustic french restaurant with a small, but delicious menu. We had the best bordeaux wine that I’m on the hunt for here in the states now.

What city would you wander around aimlessly right now if you could?!

Parents 30th Anniversary

This week marked 30 years since my parents were married! #AllTheFeels I hope someday to have a marriage that is full of love, respect, and family just like theirs. They have set the best example for my siblings and I on how to work as a team, let the little things go and always choose love. I love you guys!

They have been traveling a ton during the last 10 years especially and I was so happy that they could spend last weekend celebrating this milestone in beautiful Switzerland. I was so jealous of all their photos, since when my sister and I went last year it was dreary almost the whole time, that I had to share them with you all today! I can’t wait to get back one day and do a longer trip!


I am loving this new top from J.Crew that I picked up a few weeks ago. Instead of a plain old striped shirt, they decided to bring it in at the waist and belt it with an adorable bow. The back is a spilt back, but still covers easily. The other three items are pieces I’ve had for awhile. Both my shirt and jeans are on sale today too!

Stranger Things/CMAs/The Challenge

I wasn’t sure about Stranger Things season 2 most of the way through until that those last two episodes pulled me right back in. Ugh, I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the little love story is probably my favorite part of the whole series! Why must they make us wait for season 3?!

The opening of the CMAs gave me chills and so did Carrie Underwood’s tribute! I don’t always love everything country music but boy do those guys know how to pull at your heart-strings!

I know I’ve mentioned it before on here that my TV guilty pleasure is The Challenge. Seriously it doesn’t get old for me, I still get wrapped up in all the crazy competitions, the drama and those insane finales. This week it ended in Argentina with a grueling but kind of fun looking finale. Does anyone watch this series still?! I could talk about it for hours!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop TASTY

I can’t stop and won’t stop with the Tasty Buzzfeed recipes! There are just so easy, quick and delicious. It had protein veggies and PASTA, basically it had it all. (I added two spoonfuls of sauce to give it something extra. This one is perfect for a meal prep dish to enjoy through out the week too.



My favorite bite lipsticks are on sale at Sephora this weekend! It’s the perfect gift for any lipstick loving ladies in your life or just yourself 😉

Whew that was a lot of excitement and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


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    Congratulations to your parents!! That’s wonderful. And I am loving that top! You are rocking it too. Happy Weekend!

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    Andre Nine


    Your parents are so cute!!! That’s awesome!! Yay for spontaneous travel and yes, the last two episode of Stranger Things…sooooo GOOD!! Have the best weekend you beautiful gal!!

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    I saw your IG about your parents – happy happy anniversary to them! Your trip to Montreal looked like so much fun – I’ve yet to make it to Canada but I really want to go next year!! You better meet me there next year 🙂 Happy Weekend xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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    Those pictures from your parents trip are GORGEOUS!! I totally thought with the first look that your Montreal pic was Europe, lol. It sounds awesome to live so close to the border to make day trips!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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    Courtney Hardy


    These things all sound so good! Have a wonderful Friday girl!

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    Happy Friday! Spontaneous traveling is amazing! We’re about 5-6 hours from Montreal and now you have me thinking about a trip. We went to Quebec a few years ago and loved it, but Montreal is even closer. Happy anniversary to your parents! I hear Switzerland is beautiful. I am loving that striped top you are wearing too. I am a sucker for anything stripes. Have a great weekend!! Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

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    Happy Anniversary to your parents! Love the European feel in Montreal, and I’m going through Stranger Things withdrawals now too. Can’t wait for the next season <3

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    Aw, congrats to your parents!
    And that’s so cool you spontaneously went to Canada. I’ve never been but my grandma is from there (she’s from Quebec) so I’d love to visit someday!! 🙂


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    Cindy Elena


    Omg congrats on your parents 30th!!! I wasn’t sure about Stranger Things specially during the first 2-3 episodes but wow what an ending!! Also can we talk about episode 7? completely random

    xo | Cindy Elena

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    Mother of 3


    What a fun day trip! We went from short sleeves hiking last Friday to winter coats and hats with temps in the low 30’s today so I know what you mean about hunkering down with the TV for some warm cuddly nights. My husband began watching Stranger Things (season 1) just this week and while I’ve watched a few episodes I am not yet getting sucked into it. Though everyone keeps telling me how wonderful it is so I’m sure it’s bound to happen eventually!

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    I love the shape of that stripe top in your outfit and I wish I could still wear boots. I love them.
    I have heard a lot about bite lipstick. I wonder if it is on sale in Australian sephoras?
    Set to Glow

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    Alison @ Puppies & Pretties


    What a fun spontaneous trip!