Friday Favorites

03/04/2016 3 Comments
Friday Favorites

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I’m on my way to San Diego for the first time today and I’m so excited. I’ll recap my weekend on Monday and a Dessert First on Wednesday to let you know about the places I had to stop by for some ice cream therapy.

1st: My Shoreline Converse!

Shoreline Converse sneakers review

I was so happy to break these babies out in some sunny weather in LA this week. I have a hard time finding shoes I love that are comfortable but these really check both boxes. PS. search converse outfits on Pinterest, every outfit is adorable! I can’t wait to try more out this spring.

2nd: Vapur Element Water Bottle

vapor water bottle travel essential

Ok I bought this off Amazon a few weeks ago after I saw it on one of my favorite blogger’s website: The Blonde Abroad. I was looking forward to using it on my next flight which I took earlier this week and friends it lived up to my expectations! I’d been looking for a better alternative water bottle to bring with me through out all my travels. Other ones I’ve had have been too bulky and take up space in my bag. Even though this was designed for backpacking travelers in mind, it still works for every day life too! I love how I can roll it up and stash it in my bag for later when I am near a water source again. It didn’t leak which is always important to me and the cherry on top: it was made in the USA and BPA free. (I’ve been trying to buy as much Made In USA as I can)

3rd: Let’s talk posture


Source: The Every Girl

This article from came at the right time this week. I’m always concerned about my posture when I’m sitting on planes because I’ve had some neck issues while flying the past few years. This week was no exception, I was cramped between two bigger guys and I made myself sit in an uncomfortable position the whole 4 1/2 hour plane ride. I usually think about my posture a few times a week as well because as a former dancer I’m upset with how much it’s suffered since my teenage dance days. This article really help remind me about the physical and mental affects your bad posture can have on your body. Worth reading and doing some stretches after 😉

4th: The Bachelor

bachelor Final two ben higgins

Noooooooooo Ben! Why did you do it?! Telling both JoJo and Lauren that you love them just sets up the finale to be painful no matter which way it ends. For the record I am Team JoJo but if she ends up being the Bachelorette next season I can live with that because I think she is fabulous. I’m just not sure about Lauren but he seems to be head over heels for her so we’ll see. Does anyone else feel like they’re on an emotional roller coaster watching this season?! #guiltypleasure

5th: Nashville Cast Music


I can’t wait for Nashville to come back this month! This show and their music really bring out the country in me 😉 But seriously I need a new Gunnar & Scarlett song to obsess over asap!

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you enjoy your weekends 🙂

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    Have fun

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    Love the shoreline converse! They’re on my spring wish list for sure! Also, love the water bottle idea, headed to check it out now 🙂

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Aw thanks for stopping by! I have to say this weekend in San Diego the shoreline style was so comfortable and versatile with my outfits. I”m so happy I got them last spring 🙂