Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! Right now I’m on a plane to go visit some lovely friends of mine for the weekend. I love weekend trips, they usually inspire me in some way 🙂

Here are some of my favorite things of the week:

fryman canyon park los angeles hiking

  • Hiking– I was in LA this week so I was super fortunate to get back into my old routine, while I lived here, of hiking. LA is great for easy and accessible hikes that are usually a 15 min drive. Hiking is my favorite outdoor workout because you can enjoy the wonderful views while breaking a sweat and working that butt! Sometimes I go by myself and listen to music, which can be peaceful, and other times I like to go with friends to keep it social. My two favorite trails in LA are Fryman Canyon on The SF Valley side and Griffith Park Trails on the Hollywood side. I always bring my running waist band to pack my keys, id, and credit card in and thought I would share a similar one I found on Amazon with you guys!  I never hike without it. Click Here to view my favorite!
  • Bite Beauty lipsticks– I wear lipstick a lot through my days. I love the look of it and how it brightens my face and I always feel happier when its on. Bite Beauty is my number one go to brand right now. In the picture above I am wearing the Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Grape which I believe is no longer available but all of their colors are fabulous. They also last for hours!


  • Game of Thrones-I might lose some of you here but did you see the Game of Thrones new season trailer?! AHHH THIS SHOW! Long live Jon Snow- but seriously I.Can’t.Wait. for April 24nd. I am most partial to Sansa and Arya’s journeys through out the show. How about you guys?!
  • House of Cards– I know season 4 came out last week but I am two episodes away from the end of season 3. I made it a point to finish the season this week and watching reminded me of my love for Claire Underwood. Actually it might be my love for Robin Wright because I love the way she plays Claire. She is strong and sophisticated and memorizing in every scene. I love to watch her wardrobe choices each episode. The woman can rock a neutral!
  • Los Angeles-This will be the last time I’m in LA for a while. Well for now. (hah) I never know when another trip will spring up. LA has been great to me and I always cherish the time I spend here pursuing my dream and experiencing all it has to offer. I also cherish the relationships I have built out here and know that I have made lifelong friends 🙂 #Illbebackla

Let me know in the comments below what made your favorite list this week!

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