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Friday Favorites 4.29.16

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Linking up with Erika & Friends for Friday Favorites!

Happy to see Friday 🙂 Here are some of my favorite things this week!

Dessert First


If you haven’t seen my Dessert First Series, here is a link to them. So when I came across these PJs on the Nordstrom website, I flipped out and then immediately bought them. They are so comfy and the fact that they are purple is the cherry on top! I had to size up in the shorts because they are junior size.

Strawberry Ice Cream


I was in my hometown earlier this week and was so excited that my favorite ice cream stand offered my favorite flavor the second week they were opened! My go-to, since I was 4 or 5, has always been chocolate with chocolate sprinkles in a cone. However out of all the flavors that this ice cream stand offers, Strawberry is my favorite! I enjoyed one pretty much every day before I had to go back to NYC. #DessertFirst

NYC High Line


I’m still training for my first 5k next weekend and I thought to myself ugh where am I going to run in NYC this month. Well Central Park has been too far for me to take a subway ride all the way there just to run but the High Line is close by! I have meant to visit the High Line before now but have never had the change to get there and I’m kicking myself. What a beautiful little oasis in the city! I love how futuristic it looks and the calming presence of all the tress and flowers that have been planted by the Friends of the High Line. Next time you are in NYC, this spot is a must!!

Dream Vacations

Airlie Beach Australia

I had a lot of readers day dream with me on my Dream Vacations post earlier this week. I also love to day dream and I think dreaming of travel helps me get through the week. A lot of you agreed with tropical destinations over cities which I thought was interesting. Check out the post here and leave a comment about where you would go right now if you could!

My Caribbean Island Pick

I’m a huge fan of TheEveryGirl site and when I saw this article I knew I had to read it since Turks & Caicos was my number one dream vacation on my blog post earlier this week. Check out this article to help you decide which Caribbean Island is the right one for you to get to and enjoy 🙂

I hope you have a fabulous weekend doing something you love! See you Monday 🙂

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