Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 3.18.16

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friday favorites flower look

1) Yogi Tea

After traveling for the past few weeks I decided to do a 5 day straight morning cup of Green Tea instead of Coffee. There was really no rhyme or reason to it and I wanted to see if it would make a difference but honestly I think I picked the wrong time to try it. Did Daylight Savings kick anyone else’s butt this week?! I don’t know if it was all the time zones I was in or the lost hour or maybe my medication for a thyroid condition I have was off, but it was a hard week energy wise. This morning I even thought about breaking my little goal-I wanted coffee so bad! Saturday…Saturday… On the flip side I did feel a little lighter and it made it easier to make healthy choices, eating wise, through out the day. Above is the exact green tea I was drinking and I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve had!


2) Sheaffer’s bachelor recaps-I’m so sad its over, what am I going to look forward to on Wednesdays?! Sheaffer is one of my favorite bloggers and I found her through my favorite blogger ever Mix & Match Mama. She recaps each episode of The Bachelor and Bachelorette every week and her commentary is spot on! I always laugh out loud at the observations she makes or the silly jokes that the contestants bring upon themselves. If you are a fan of The Bachelor, you should check her out! Also she gives great outfit ideas and advice each week.


3) Urban Decay Naked Eye Liner-This liner is one of my favorites and it lasts FOREVER! Therefore I was super bummed when I went to replace my old black/brown dual stick and found it was out of stock in the store and online! NOOOOO So I had to try the next color set because I cannot live without eyeliner! I purchased the pistol and perversion color and I might be a convert…I loved the pistol color! I tried to get a good picture of how it looked with my normal makeup routine. I think I might be sticking with this color for awhile. What do you guys think?!

urban decay 24/7 liner pistol

4) Pistachio Cake from Savory Simple– This recipe has been in my Pinterest Recipe queue for some time now and I thought why not make it for St. Patricks Day since it is partially green. It was pretty easy to make and tastes delicious! It’s been a big hit with the family and if you have any pistachio lovers, I recommend you make this asap! The chocolate lovers will thank you too!

pistachio cake savory simple recipe

5) St Patricks Day-It was so much fun to celebrate the holiday yesterday! I am more Irish than anything else so I always like to support my Irish Heritage on St. Paddy’s Day! I wore green and went out for some Corn Beef and Cabbage as well as some Guinness. I also love seeing my Irish side of the family out and about celebrating on this day too! Do you guys like to celebrate your heritage on special days?!

cornbeef and cabbage Irish heritage

Happy Friday Friends 🙂

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