Friday Favorites 5.13.16

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I am linking up with Erika and Karli and Style Exlir for everything I loved this week 🙂

friday favorites flower look

Style Elixir


Kendra Scott Rayne Necklaces

Now that the Spring/Summer seasons are here I’m breaking out my KS Rayne Necklace’s more. They are both bright colors and more suited for these two seasons and go with every outfit. I am thinking about getting a third in a neutral color just so I can wear one year round. I am obsessed with their jewelry!

spring outfit cupcakendreams image

ps. I really like this shirt 😉

 Spring Decor-Tulips

I’ve been obsessed with tulips this week, from Tulipfest to figuring out how to incorporate more tulips into my daily life. I found this idea on Pinterest before the beginning of the season and finally thought I should make it and it took all of 5 mins! Isn’t it adorable?!


Now listen, I’m not a craft queen so this one was right up my alley, it took three items and one pair of scissors. I can handle that 🙂

An umbrella, bunch of tulip bunches in your favorite colors, and ribbon:

You can put this on the front of your door where you would put a wreath but I thought it would look cute propped up somewhere in the house 🙂 Yay for easy and beautiful crafts!

Dessert First: New York Part One

Incase you missed my post earlier in the week, I reviewed my first three dessert spots in New York and I’m already plotting to get to them this week because I need some of these amazing cookies in my life again 🙂



Vapor Water Bottle

vapor water bottle travel essential

I’m on a mission this week to stay hydrated! After having a weird thing happen to my mouth that could have been from dehydration, I’ve been downing water every day. This water bottle is my favorite and has really helped me stay on track. I love that it’s 23oz so drinking three of these gets me to my goal and the best part is I can wrap it up after I’m done and put it in my purse with out any extra weight in it. It’s great for travel and hiking too! You can find it here

Homemade BBQ Nachos


This nacho recipe was a big hit for my girls night this week 🙂 They were super easy to make and I thank Buzzfeed for making quick videos to show you how to make their recipes. I recommend these if you are craving your favorite restaurant’s BBQ Nachos, with some sour cream and guac on top!

Takes in total 25-30 mins!

Join the link up’s or leave a comment with one of your favorites from the week! I love seeing new ideas 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

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    That flower arrangement is so cute! I would never have thought it would be so easy to make. And I’m looking for a new water bottle, especially a lightweight one that doesn’t leak, so I ‘m going to check out the one you posted! Have a great weekend!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thank you for visiting Jess! When I saw that decorative piece on Pinterest I figured it had to be easy. Like I said I don’t craft often and anything too intricate would drive me nuts, but this was easy and so pretty!

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    Katie @ Cup of Tea


    I’ve had weird dry mouth randomness before and it DEFINITELY had me paranoid about drinking more water. That water bottle is awesome! Love how it gets smaller/lighter as you finish, and then just roll it back up. How do you clean it? Dishwasher?? Thanks for linking up with us at H54F! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks for stopping by Katie! Glad I found your link up, it’s so fun 🙂 I’ve been cleaning it with dish soap and a brush then occasionally putting it in the dishwasher. I travel a lot so I’m thrilled that it doesn’t take up room in my bag when I’m done. It’s also great for working out/hiking because of the clip! I couldn’t love a water bottle more, especially at that price!