Friday Favorites 5.20.16

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Friday Favorites

Thank god it’s Friday! It’s going to be a beautiful day here in New York and I fully intend on taking advantage of that this afternoon 🙂


As always here are some of my favorite things from this week plus 1 extra! You can find who I linked up with at the end of this post!

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

I know that Young Living Essential Oils have been around for a while and especially through out the blog community, but my mom and I just started using the starter kit this week. I have used random essential oils from health stores for a few years, but I’m happy to finally have a full system from a reputable company as my go to. I love putting the Lemon in my water and diffusing the Stress Away and Lavender to relax. I’m researching what I can do with these little bottles more and more each day. If you’ve got any great tips with using the essential oils leave a comment below, I’m so excited to expand my use of them!

5 Carry-On Travel Essentials

Plane Ride

I found a lot of you agreed on my 5 Carry-On Travel Essentials in my post this week (here). I know some of you added you have to have a book, which I agree with, but I can’t say a book is in my top 5. There are so many outlets for entertainment these days and I feel like I covered a few by having my iPhone haha. #gettingmoreoutofone I never really stray from these 5 items whether I’m on a plane, train, bus or even a road trip! Check out the post and add your essentials in the comment section below!

New Balance 574 Sneaker

New Balance Sneakers

I bought these New Balance Sneakers last year and wore them a ton but I have to say I’ve wore them everyday this week. They truly go with everything because of their Navy/Gray color and have kept me honest about being more active through out the day. Don’t you agree that when you have sneakers on you are more apt to run around a little faster or do a little more walking through out your day? I love these shoes too because they are so comfortable! Check them out here!

Pinterest Health & Fitness Board

Speaking of staying active through the day-I’ve been relying on my Pinterest Health & Fitness Board daily to inspire me with quick workouts. I like that I can look at a pin and if I have 5-10 mins, I can knock out a few moves. I’m always looking for new pins that lay out a quick workout, then I try to do 2-3 of them on days I don’t have any workouts scheduled. It’s the effort that counts, especially with bikini season starting next weekend ahhhhh!

French Baby Names Book

French baby name book

Most of my family knows my obsession with baby names so I thought it was an adorable surprise when my sister sent home this book with my parents after they visited her in Paris last week. She is an Au Pair for two families and all the children have adorable french names. I’ve had to dig down deep to remember the french language I swear I learned in high school/college haha. Thanks Lyss!


Extra Favorite!! : Stark Reunion on Game of Thrones

Stark Family Reunion

Ok I may lose some of you here but I almost forgot my favorite among all favorites this week: two Starks finally being in the same place on Game of Thrones! It’s been like 4 years since two of the siblings have seem each other and I was so happy when Sansa walked into Castle Black and hugged Jon Snow! I won’t say much more in case of spoilers but I’m was just so happy and I’ve been waiting for a reunion like this on this show for years! #TeamStark


I hope everyone has a great weekend, I’m starting a road trip on Monday so I’m trying to enjoying not sitting in a car for a crazy amount of hours right now 🙂


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    I love the gray sneakers, they look like the perfect blend of sporty and casual. And French baby names? Swoon! What a great present 🙂

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks Caitlin! I love these sneakers so much for the exact reasons you wrote. They keep me active yet they aren’t entirely a workout look 🙂 and Yes my sister knows me too well to send a present that adorable!

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    Katie @ Cup of Tea


    Love those sneakers! I’d want to keep them so pristine 🙂 And I agree with you on the book carry on debate. Yes, I’d like a book! But if I’m limited in space or really don’t feel like carrying one around, I don’t mind leaving it at home and settling in with my phone. Although sometimes it feels like a plane is the ONLY time I have to sit and read a book. HA! Hope you’re having a great weekend and you’re gearing up for your road trip! Thanks for linking up with us over at H54F this week!