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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I’ll be on the hunt for a margarita today here at #TBEXHuntsville. I’m excited to be at my first blogging conference. I hope to elevate this space over time with new ideas and tips I’ve learned at TBEX.

Let’s get to the favorites!

Anthropologie Prints

Dress || Top || Pants

Don’t worry I’m not going to wear these pieces all at once ;-). I’m on a mission to add more print to my wardrobe and I went a little crazy with my birthday discount at Anthropologie this week. In LA, I had 3 stores within driving distance and now I have to go 2 hours just to walk into an anthro oasis. Stay tuned for outfit pics some time this month.


Contiki Tours

If you are 18 to 35 and looking for your next travel adventure check out my 5 Reasons Why To Book A Contiki Tour!

Favorite Cruises?

Speaking of travel adventures, this isn’t really my favorite but a chance to ask what’s your favorite cruise line? I’ve been looking into a few different cruises because I’ve never done one before and I think it’s about time! I enjoy connecting with you readers out there’s so leave me a comment with your favorite!

Acoustic Spring

This playlist has been on repeat all week. It’s put me in a spring mood whether I’m cleaning or working at my computer. If you aren’t looking for new music that’s low key, I suggest downloading this one.

Raised Flower Beds

This year I’ve been looking into raised flower beds since I had little visitors last year. I’m going to stick with growing one or two things because it’s something fun to do. I don’t want to make gardening a fullness time hobby yet.  This one from Amazonseems to have good reviews. Has anyone bought anything similar before?

Stay tuned on my instastories for more about TBEX. Have a fabulous weekend!


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    I can’t say that I’ve ever seen prettier prints at anthro – love what you got!! Really loved your contiki post – it was great!! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks girl! and yeah anthro can be so hit or miss for me sometimes!

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    Contiki tours sounds like a great idea because it’s so tough to plan out itineraries, at least I’m not the best at it lol. I’ve never been on a cruise before but I’m also curious about which ones are the best. It sounds like it would be a pretty fun vacation!

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      I know what you mean! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with where to spend my time in a different city/place. Contiki made that decision for me and I really enjoyed it 🙂 I’ve heard Viking and Princess cruise lines so far!

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    My husband and I love cruising and go between Norwegian and Holland America. We did a Holland America cruise through Greece and it was amazing.

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    I’ve been on a lot of cruises, and I think it really depends, personally what you’re into.

    Princess Cruises tend to attract an older crowd, so there isn’t a lot of partying or clubbing or anything like that. I mean they do have that stuff, but it’s not really the primary focus.

    Royal Caribbean and Norwegian tend to attract a younger crowd. They’re the cruises that attract the people who want to stay at all hours and party and hang out and things, from my experience. They also have a lot of on-board things like painting classes and things like that.

    Disney cruises are a lot of fun, but they’re very focused on families and have a lot of families with little children, but they do have really cool things for older adults like adults only pools, signature drinks, and clubs and things like that, but I definitely think they really try to appeal to large families.

    Carnival cruises are great for people, who want that stereotypical cruise experience, and they’re usually very affordable. But the ships tend to be really big and because they’re affordable they tend to attract a mixed crowd, and they’re not bad, but they aren’t as unique as other cruise lines are.

    Hope that helps 🙂