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Ahhh Friday!


So glad we made it. First off let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, including mine 🙂 Does anyone have fun weekend plans for mother’s day?! In Cupcake N Dreams fashion my own mother is traveling the world over the weekend so I won’t be able to spend time with her. However I think she’ll manage this year without us while she’s in Greece. I am excited though to run in my first 5k tomorrow morning. One of my biffles who runs races all over the country roped me into it and it’s given me a goal to strive for over the last 5 weeks. My 10 year old self would never believe me but I can complete 3 miles in one go 🙂 I’ll have pictures on Monday or over on Instagram this weekend.

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GTS Clothing Leggings


Ok my favorites this week are all over the place but I’ve been loving some things pretty hard. I wore GTS Clothing’s Apex Leggings on my hike last week in the ADK (post here) and they held up great, looked great and were really comfy. The best part about these leggings is that they are made right in my own backyard, Saratoga Springs, NY. GTS is a company that prides itself on having their workout clothes be Made In America. I always strive to buy Made in America products because I know it’s important for our economy. Every little bit counts! Check them out to upgrade your yoga or crossfire class apparel 🙂

Dry Brush for Body


A few months ago I was researching exfoliating your body since after loading up on lotion this winter, still never reaching no-itchness, I wanted to get a body scrub at my local spa. These services can be costly and sometimes painful if they are too rough on your skin. I ended up finding all this information on dry brushing at home. I had read about this in magazines before, Miranda Kerr is a big fan I know, and figured it was finally time to give it a try. I’m such a big fan now of twice a week using this brush before I get in the shower and making sure to gently use long strokes towards the center of my heart for optimal exfoliation. Dry brushing is also good for circulation and reducing cellulite and even stress! I do think that every time I do it I find myself feeling better inside and out. I also have seen an improvement in my skin. Make sure to moisturize after you shower too!

Money Girl Podcast


I know you aren’t coming to this blog for financial advice but The Money Girl Podcast has been a favorite of mine for some time now. I’m such a big fan that I thought I would share it on my favorites this week because I think it’s important for woman to be in charge of their finances. Fun fact, I went to school for Finance and since then I’ve tried to keep up my knowledge in this area through reading and podcasts. Laura D Adams, a personal finance expert who hosts the podcast, breaks down financial topics for the modern day woman. I usually listen to her when I’m running to multitask and stay motivated overall. If anyone reads or listens to other financial podcasts leave me a comment below! I’m always looking for more to listen too 🙂

Mix N Match Mama’s Every Day in May



I’m a huge fan of Mix N Match Mama and this month she is doing a daily challenge to do something healthy every day. It’s not only diet and exercise related, but overall good happy things to do for yourself. I feel like I’ve felt a little bit better this week just following along with her and I encourage my readers to join in if you need a little boost this month 🙂 She posts the day’s challenge on her Facebook each morning. Yay for feeling good!


Vegetable Spiralizer



I love love love this kitchen gadget! I’ve had it for a few months now and I just can’t get over how easy it is to whip up some veggie noodles for lunch or dinner. I try to get in as many veggies as I can in a day and the spiralizer makes it that much easier when I want to eat a pasta type meal. It feels like I’m eating pasta when I put it with pasta sauce and shrimp. I like how there are three blades to make three different sizes of noodles. It’s a pretty easy clean up after I’m done as well because the blades detach from the stand itself. I highly recommend this one; it’s a best seller on Amazon too!

Those are my favorites this week, like I said all over the board, but they all made me happy this week 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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    jamie cunningham


    I love using that dry brush. I make my own goat milk bath and body products that have been helping my dry skin.

    I will have to check out the money girl podcast. I love listening to podcasts while I work.

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks for stopping by Jamie! I haven’t tried goat milk products yet but I’m sure they work well with the dry brush to combat dry skin! I’ll have to look at you products:-)