Friday Favorites 8.26.16

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I feel like summer is slowing slipping from my grasp and I can’t handle it 🙁 I do have a few exciting things planned before we officially call it a day on Sept. 5th, so I’m looking forward to that. Here are my favorites this week 🙂

Midwestern Chocolate Treats



My sweet friends left chocolates for my family and I after their visit this past weekend. They are specialities from their hometown areas in Minneapolis and Fargo, so if you ever find yourself around there stop into these shops and pick up some chocolate covered potato chips!


Favorite Articles That Made Me Think This Week

The NYT columnists book, check it out!

I’m practicing letting things go because I can’t afford it, especially after reading this article 😉 Also, reading Carl Richards article from the prior week got me thinking about giving myself permission. Check them out if you are looking for inspiration with a touch of financial advice on the side.

Lake George & Sydney, Australia

Sydney Darling Harbour

Those are really close tourist destinations right?! haha just kidding but here are my blog posts on my weekend in Saratoga & Lake George, NY and Top 5 Things To See in Sydney in case you missed them.


Pretty Little Liars


Yes I am still a fan of this show and to be honest I’ve left it hanging this summer. Well I just caught up this week and finally-I’ve regained my intense interest in this show. I think they should have stopped the story after season 4, but since I’ve worked in the entertainment industry, I know PLL is a case of money hungry network execs who have ruined the story by keeping it on air. However, I think the story is interesting again and I’m excited to see where the second life of the series ends during next year’s series finale. The only other reason I’m happy it hasn’t stopped filming is because where would I get my hair, makeup, nails and outfit envy and inspirations weekly? Seriously every week I scour the internet for the exact jacket Aria or Hanna is wearing in the episode. Anyone else do that?!



I was purposefully taking advantage of the beautiful summer days this week by kayaking on the lake my parents live on. I love kayaking and haven’t done it enough this summer, so I’m making up for it by trying to do it a few times in the next week! Cheers to the colors of summer, they make me the happiest!

Have a great weekend!

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    Kate at Green Fashionista


    I’m happiest in summer too, and will keep enjoying it until the weather decides to turn. Love that you got to enjoy some kayaking out on the lake! Happy Friday <3

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    Oh definitely have to check out the Behavior Gap. Looks really interesting