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Happy Friday!!

I focused on getting the most out of the late summer daylight hours this week. Grilling outside, boating before the sun went down and enjoying the mini heat wave up here in New York. It’ll all be gone too fast so instead of getting organizing and writing a bunch of blog posts, I just felt like I needed to soak it all in.

I’m hoping to have a full week of blog posts next week so stay tuned! Now for the favorites…

Inspired Podcast

I’m getting back into podcasts, trying to queue them up for my commute to my improv theater each week. I was really inspired by the latest edition of one of my favorite podcasts: How I Built This. It’s a podcast that interviews entreptuenrers on how they launched their ideas/businesses and the obstacles they faced. Guy Raz really asks all the questions I want to know the answers to. I’m a huge fan of Rent the Runway and think the concept is amazing for woman my age who aren’t interested in accumulating all these expensive dresses and outfits. I couldn’t wait to hear about how Jenn Hyman started this company and yet my biggest take away from the episode was actually how much of an amazing advocate she is for woman in business. I thought her message was really powerful.

A Rent the Runway dress I wore last October for a premiere! I’ve never had an issue with either size not fitting.

If you have an upcoming event and haven’t tried Rent The Runway then I highly recommend signing up today and getting $30 off your first rental!

Outfit of the Week

Speaking of outfits, as I said last week, I’m going to share an outfit every Friday. I get so much inspiration from you ladies in the blog world, so I wanted to join in and share some of my basic style 🙂

Farmer Stands

I stopped by 2 different farmer stands in my area this week because I can’t get enough of grilled sweet corn and fresh veggies! They have been so full of flavor. Farmer stands really are a summer/fall treat 🙂 Anyone else enjoying some in their area?!

Italian Fest

I grew up going to Italian fests that my grandpa organized every summer. I was so excited that my improv theater was participating in a local one this past weekend where we invited the public in free of charge to check out our mini improv shows. Between the awesome audiences and the delicious food, overall it was an amazing event. It made me miss the festivals from when I was young with all the dancing, pasta and cookies.

Fall Blooms

I’ve been obsessed with all the colorful mums everywhere in my area all week. I was so excited to decorate with them for a work event I have today.  Look at those purple hues!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂



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    Andre Nine


    Mums, how I LOVE mums!!!! You looked stunning in that dress..STUNNING I tell ya!! Happy weekend lovely lady!!

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    Those mums are gorgeous and I’m loving that outfit! Have a great weekend.

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    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)


    nice dress

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    Emelia Lawrence


    I LOVE farmer stands and supporting local business! That outfit is super cute- love the mix of colors!

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    emily @ a little bit of emily


    Oh my goodness – that picture is beyond gorgeous! Definitely worth just enjoying and not worrying about blogging!

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    I enjoy going to farmers markets, I will miss them during the Winter months. And those mums! They are beautiful!

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    Oh summer sunsets how I’ll miss them! I love that podcast – it’s one of my favorites! That red dress looks amazing on you – I wish you would have shared more photos – looked flawless on you girl! xo,Biana