Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

02/26/2016 2 Comments

The first blogger I started following a few years ago always does these Friday Favorites and I look forward to them every week! I’m so excited to participate in my first one! image


The weather this week in NY has been intense to say the least! Pouring rain one minute, crazy wind the next and then oh yeah let’s add in some below freezing temperatures by the end of the week for good measure. I guess March is coming but AH what to wear?! This was an easy look when it was around 45 degrees and any chance I get to wear my favorite scarf of the season I’m excited! Unfortunately it is no longer available at Nordstrom but I’ll cross my fingers for next season. I love this J.Crew Chambray shirt, I wear it with EVERYTHING. It was such a great investment piece because it really is versatile and it’s so comfortable. An added bonus is the shirt stays closed through out the day so the girls aren’t exposed 🙂 Does anyone else always have trouble finding the right size to keep it closed?!

image image

Ok this favorite is really from November but I have not stopped listening to these two songs one after another since then. This week I listened in my car, while working out and working at home. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge country fan but I did watch the CMA’s last November and WOW Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake had the best performance of the night! They brought the house down with their medley of their two songs. I need to take another trip to Memphis again stat. Did you see it and agree?!


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

OK back to the weather now…my skin has been so dry all winter, actually its dry all year round but definitely worse in the winter. I’m sensitive to what I put on my skin because of breakouts and cystic acne issues through out my life. My grandmother has always been a big fan of Clinique and I take a lot of beautiful advice from her so when I need something new for skincare I look around their products. This Overnight Mask is amazing. It really hydrates my skin each night to give it more moisture so its ready for make up without flakes the next day. I think its reasonably priced as well which is another positive for me.

 Lobster Dining Bristol Rhode Island

My mother’s side of the family is originally from New England and I’ve been lucky to taste their fresh seafood every year since I’ve been born. In upcoming posts I’ll explain more about this important part of my life but for now let’s just stare at this beautiful lobster roll. I went for a day visit on Sunday with some family to take our uncle out for his belated 89th birthday! #Ilovelobster #Ilovewhitewine


The Bachelor. Oh where to begin…I have a lot of thoughts on this franchise and especially this season with Ben. This week was hometowns and my mother and I watched every crazy moment of it. My biggest take away was Ben will be an amazing father. I’ll leave you with this adorable picture where I pretend I’m the Amanda in the photo 😉 😉

Happy Friday Everyone!! #TGIF

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    I love that you have started doing Friday Favorites! This is a great post. I also am a huge fan of the Bachelor! And Amanda’s home town was probably my favorite! 🙂 I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! I look forward to new Friday Favorites from you!

    Tawni |

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks Tawni! I was sad Amanda went home but I figured Ben wasn’t that into her as his other remaining girls. Sigh. You me Friday favorites were great too! Love the part about Fitness Girl App, I have to check it out! On to this Friday 🙂