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Especially because I’m so excited about my first giveaway. Don’t forget to stop by on Friday to enter for a chance to win a gift card to one of my favorite online stores!

Today I’m talking gifts for the planner in your life. These gifts are all favorites of mine, and I know the person that likes to check off calendars or write out goals or have daily reminders for ways to improve life, will love these! If you missed my gifts under $50 for the traveler/backpacker, you can find it here.

Gifts For a Planner

I absolutely loved writing out lists from the prompts in this journal every week this past year. It’s the perfect journal for someone who doesn’t feel like writing in long paragraphs about different parts of their lives. The 52 Lists prompts the writer to write in list form each week and either reminisce about favorite things or challenge them to think about their future goals. I’m almost done and I’m so sad that theres only a few more lists. At the end of each list there is a suggestion on how to incorporate happiness in the form you just listed into your life for that week.

 I’m so excited there is another version, I’m going to start with this one on January 1st. 

If you haven’t read The Happiness Project I highly recommend it. It’s more of a practical take on how to analyze what makes you happy and how to incorporate daily habits into your life to achieve that happiness.  

Happiness project

If you know someone that has read the book I think Gretchen Rubin’s, the author, new daily calendar would be an awesome gift. If you know someone who hasn’t read the book, you could gift them both items! I can’t wait to use the calendar all year long to remind me daily about things I can do to add a little happiness to my day.

My final gift idea is probably my favorite favorite, which is saying something because I love the other two as well. My sister and I started getting each other the Women’s Wit Calendars a few years ago for Christmas and it’s a fun thing to follow along with together through out the year. We are all about being HBICs, or head bitches in charge, and doing our best to conquer each day. We are also inspired by other HBICs, which brings me to the women wit calendars. Each day presents a different quote by some woman who definitely fits the criteria of an HBIC, sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are inspirational or sometimes they are confusing but thats the fun of it. If you know a sassy lady in your life, this would be the perfect gift for her!

Like I said I love my #52ListsProject and I love my people to see, places to go and things to do pens. They are called On The Move Pens, which is fitting because they help me plan this blog, my future trips and my daily calendar 🙂 Great gift for the planner in your life!

I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week and I’ll see you on Friday for the first part of my giveaway!

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    I read the Happiness Project a few years ago but just bought a copy of the book for myself a few weeks ago and plan to reread it soon. I remember loving it and wanting to revisit some of the lessons I learned. great to see you talking about it here.

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    Loved the gift ideas.
    Great blog cupcake