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11/25/2016 2 Comments

Happy Black Friday Friends! I hope every had a great thanksgiving yesterday. I was thankful to be with family watching football and enjoying the turkey dinner together. I love this

I’m not heading out to the stores today because I love online shopping way too much, but I commend those of you that do! For you online shoppers and those of you who have a traveler or backpacker on your list here are my suggestions for great gifts under $100:

Lifeproof $70 $35 Today!!

 Whether you are headed to the beach, the mountains, the lake or even the city for a vacation, the Lifeproof case is a must. It protects your phone from water, wind and snow! Awesome deal on Amazon today!

Anker Astro Portable Charger $49 $16!

We have to keep up with our friends and family back home while we’re traveling right?! When you’re out sightseeing or climbing a mountain it’s hard to find an outlet to charge your phone so you can snapchat your mom the beautiful scenery you are witnessing. The Anker Astro portable charger is the perfect answer to that problem and honestly it’s great to have during every day life. It’s easier to keep your phone charging right next to you sometimes. You cannot beat this Black Friday price today either!

Microfiber Towel $35 $13

This fast absorbing and antibacterial towel isn’t just an essential for travelers, it’s great for swimming, camping and sports activities. It’s the worst when you have to get into a car with a wet towel after a day at the beach or put a wet towel in your suitcase to move on to your next designation. The Bodi Hut Sports and Travel Towel is the perfect solution to not be slowed down because you have to wait for your towel to dry!

Vapur Element Bottle $11

The Vapur Element reusable bottle might be my favorite current travel item. It can hold up to a liter of water for your sports activities or when you fill it up in the airport after you go through security. The best part is after you finish you can roll the bottle up into the clip and it takes up way less space in your bag than a traditional water bottle does. It’s made in the USA and BPA free plus has a super cap for one handed use! I bring this with me every day when I leave the house!

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer $50

My Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer has been a longtime favorite travel essential for me. It fits all my cosmetics and toiletries in one spot that is easy to hang wherever I am staying. I love how it has two lined compartments for my liquids and then clear plastic compartments for my makeup that sometimes get’s a little messy during my trips. I even use it at home so that I’m ready to through it in my suitcase for last minute trips. I also love how Vera Bradley has solid colors now!

I love these items for my travels and I know your traveler will too. Or yourself because all of these are great to have for every day use too!

I’ll be back on Monday with another travel post 🙂


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    We ordered a lot of presents online but the hubby and I also went out shopping at 3am this morning. There was no one out! I was shocked!

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