Leap Day-What would you do with your extra day?!

02/29/2016 0 Comments

Today only happens every four years. It’s crazy when you really think about how little you write Feb 29th in a life time. Today’s significance had me thinking about what would I do with an extra day?



My favorite type of day rotates with the seasons but I incorporated different things from them all.

  • have an extra Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Ice Coffee because they are my favorite
  • spend some time playing with my god daughter because she brings so much joy to everyone around her
  • go to the lake and hang out on the boat and dance around with my family to our current favorite hits
  • go to happy hour with friends #MargaritasALLDAY
  • play May-I (family card game)
  • watch one of my guilty pleasure tv shows with a cold glass of Pino Grigio
  • maybe fit in a splurge like a massage at Kimberely’s A Day Spa here in my hometown area
  • watch my beloved Patriots in one of their home games or surrounded by my family
  • reread a chapter or two of Harry Potter, my favorite book series

image image

These were just a few of the things I thought about today and I was lucky enough to incorporate a few of them on this Feb. 29th!

Everybody spends their days in a different way and I would love to hear from what things you would do with your extra day! Leave a comment below, I’m excited to read them!

PS. Happy Monday after the Oscars! I was happy with the winners for the most part because they were the ones I voted for for the SAG Awards last month. Here are a few of my favorite looks from last night:

brielarsonoscars rachel-mcadams-oscars-2016-h724 saoirse-ronan-full-zoom-bb72a976-f821-4c60-8ca1-75bcab03806e

I guess I really liked the jewel tones but I always do! What did you think?

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