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07/20/2017 3 Comments

Today I’m talking about a practice that’s relatively new in my life; Meditation.

It’s something I’ve always been interested in, especially since it’s a hot topic every where you turn. Last year, I read the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris, from ABC News, because I’m always fascinated by news reporters. I felt intrigued by his journey with mediation and how it can help you even if it’s only a small amount. Not too long after I saw an article in my beloved People Magazine talking about the Breathe App. It’s a great app to check in with yourself and find a quick guided mediation according to a range of emotions from anxious or joyous. I like using the app when I can and consider this my “meditation practice”. I agree with Dan Harris that it’s improved my life probably by only 10%, which is enough for me to continue to do it. I feel calmer and connected when I’m consistently using the app.

So back to Inscape…

   A few weeks ago I excitedly visited a studio that focuses on meditation and relaxation, a wellness gym if you like. I had read about Inscape in the New York Times and couldn’t wait to book a session.

There is a section in the studio with healthy foods and products you can buy. The sign-in process is super easy on iPads and the staff were all warm, knowledgeable and welcoming!

The Alcove

The studio consists of two rooms called The Alcove and The Dome. The Alcove sessions focus on relaxation and restoration. The Dome sessions focus more on meditation and mindfulness. I thought both rooms provided an atmosphere free from distraction with a calming effect due to the colors and “pods” provided. Each session is audio guided, which I didn’t find jarring, the woman’s voice was soothing enough. The sessions vary in length and I wasn’t sure how long I could sit there since I normally don’t practice with others and for longer than 5 mins at a time. I choose 30 min sessions for both rooms and was happy with those lengths.

The Dome || Photo: Inscape


The studio setup is like a gym with spacious lockers to hold all your things while you attend the sessions. I felt like the facility was very safe and clean.

Beforehand or after each session you can sit in their waiting area and relax. They have water available with different fruit and herbs for added health benefits.

Interested in meditation or wellness and live in NYC? Then I highly recommend stopping in to the studio. I could see myself visiting twice a month to support my meditation practice. They have monthly memberships available along with single sessions.

Check out their website for more information and if you have any questions you can leave a comment below or email me at! I love to talk about this stuff lol. Does anyone else practice some form of meditation?!

I was not compensated in any way for this experience. I purchased everything on my own and wanted to share because I liked it so much! 


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    Sounds like a really cool experience!

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    Ren Benda


    Now this I need in my life, what a cool place to meditate!

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    Catherine @ A Cup of Catherine


    I wish meditation rooms were a thing where I live! The closest thing would be the quiet room at a local spa. I love the design of the studio – it’s so calming!