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Since I’m getting ready to leave for my first trip of 2017 next week, I thought I would revisit my in-flight travel essentials. I’ll also chat about a few essentials I like to have while I’m traveling as well.

Every girl needs her must-haves right?!


Headphones has to be my number one essential even before my iPhone! There is no way I get through any mode of transportation to my destination without headphones, Bose to be specific. I have never liked Apple’s ear buds that come with the iPhone. They never fit right and definitely don’t block out noise. I like to feel like the sound, whether I’m listening to music/podcasts/videos, is all encompassing. I even use these headphones for my workouts because of the quality of sound! I usually take a break from being my talkative self while traveling, so having headphones accessible in my bag when I get to my seat is a must!


Ok so everyone probably puts their iPhone on their essentials list these days. How do we live without them for 2+hrs?! haha Really though, they offer so much entertainment in the form of music, games, scrolling through photos and if you have wifi then Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. Occasionally, I use the travel time to organize and edit photos on my phone or write notes and posts in the notepad section. I try to read sometimes because when else do you get long uninterrupted periods of time in life nowadays.

Water/Water bottle

I hate to be anywhere without water, let alone on a plane, train or bus. I always make sure to pack my favorite water bottle or buy water if I have forgotten it. I have this perpetual fear I’ll be stuck somewhere for hours without anything to eat or drink, so you can usually find a small snack and water in my carry-on. Anyone else have that fear?!

vapor water bottle travel essential


No matter the time of year I travel I always make sure to wear a scarf on the plane. I’m the type of person who would rather be cold than hot, but sometimes you really need an extra layer. Those planes can get cold! A scarf is the perfect layering essential. It can double as a blanket or be rolled up as a pillow to catch up on your sleep. You can cover your face or nose with it because let’s be real, odors travel through the small spaces you are traveling in. It’s fashionable and light weight too!


External Charger

I have used external chargers for a few years now and I don’t know what I would do without them when traveling. Just like water, you can be without an outlet for a long time too. It’s sad to be that attached to electronics, but EC’s have come in handy on my trips, as well as my day to day life. An external charger is a device you carry with you that has a USB port to plug your phone charger into to charge your device back to 100%. There are many brands on the market to chose from these days.

Essentials For The Trip

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

I love that all my skincare and makeup products are in one spot. This bag is easy to hang where ever I am staying during my trip.

Ear Plugs & Eye Mask

I’ve learned the hard way to bring extra ear plugs and a lavender eye mask with weighted beads as sleeping essentials while traveling.

A Safe and Comfortable Place to Stay

I always make sure to have my accommodations booked before I arrive at any of my destinations. is a great place to find safe, comfortable and interesting places to stay during your vacation or adventures. They offer rentals in a wide range of locations from beach houses ( say to Florida) to ski cabins. Staying in a rental house is a great alternative to save money and enjoy a “home away from home”

Since I’m traveling to Park City, UT next week, I figured I’d look through some of the amazing places they have listed there.

Here’s to all your travels in 2017!!


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