Oh the Midwest

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Fargo sign movie famous north dakota

I spent this past weekend in Minnesota/North Dakota visiting friends who I made while I was in college. Its funny to tell most people yes I am going to Fargo, ND and yes it is my third time stepping foot in a state not too many people seek out. These areas have a lot to offer though in friendliness, food and scenery. Here are a few of my stops 🙂


Lucky’s 13

Our Saturday brunch spot was festive and midwest themed. It was decorated for St. Patrick’s Day and they offered a basic brunch menu with egg dishes and french toast, pancakes, etc. Perfect for families (kids menu). They are known for their B.L.T Bloody Mary’s so of course I had to get the signature item 😉

lucky's 13 pub fargo north dakota

It comes with a shot of beer and it was all it was cracked up to be!

Also you can see in the background and here below, the game pull-tabs. Ok I have NEVER heard of this bar game before and my friends were in disbelief. Maybe we just don’t have them on the east coast?! haha I don’t know correct me if I’m wrong or I’ve really spent my whole college and early 20s not coming across this game. All you do is get a little play card and rip the multiple tabs on the back to reveal symbols that have to match the prizes on the front. It’s like paper slots haha. Needless to say none of us won any money off of them.

pull tab's bar game fargo north dakota


My girlfriends and I had a drink before our dinner reservations at Hodo. It was a great lounge on broadway in downtown Fargo. They had a vast menu of fun dinners and reasonable prices. I indulged in the “Spank Your Monkey” while my friends ordered Blueberry Mojitos. It was a great place to sip our drinks and people watch out the big windows especially since the area was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. hodo broadway fargo north dakota drinks

After Hodo we walked down broadway  because I had to get a picture of the famous Fargo sign! #Alwaysatourist.

Fargo sign movie famous north dakota

If you can believe it I took no pictures of dinner! It was at an fabulous Italian restaurant called Toscana. I think my red wine and meal were just too good to take a picture of ;-). I highly recommend stopping there and then into a store thats a few doors down called Pinch & Pour. It had olive oils and different spices to choose from, a great place to buy a gift for someone!


The next day, on the drive back to Minneapolis, I had to stop at Culver’s for at the very least a concrete shake. This was the first place my father brought my family too when we considered moving to Minn. before my high school years. I would have moved for this creamy custard like ice cream any day! (jk Dad). I ended up getting a kids meal because I was starving. It is similar to Wendy’s but I think I like Culver’s better. I got the chocolate custard with the mix in of reese’s peanut butter cup because thats all I ever want.


concrete shake culvers Minnesota

culver's midwest fast food concrete shake

I always find the signature or best food in every area haha because every area in every part of the world has something to offer I believe 🙂 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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