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I was thinking of writing a post about quirks lately when I realized one of my favorite bloggers, Momfessionals, had a link up party coming up with that topic! I’m so excited to join Show & Tell today.show-and-tell-ig-graphic

Here come the quirks:

-I look up flights almost every day to all different places. It helps with my wanderlust. I think it’s part of the reason I decided to start blogging about travel too. #WhereToNextPlane Ride

-I’ve always loved going to the movies and especially as an actor it’s important to keep up on current films but I can’t for the life of me watch the introduction to the movies at Regal Cinemas in recent years. The simulator like rollercoaster they show before the previews makes me want to throw up and it’s the one part about going to the movies I hate.

Regal Cinema

-Here’s a two for one since we are suppose to write about a phobia too. You know how they say most people either have a fear of flying, public speaking or going to the dentist? Well my phobia is flying because I don’t mind public speaking (#Actor) or going to the dentist. I’ve gotten better through the years due to flying more often. However I still kiss my right hand and touch the plane before I board EVERY SINGLE TIME. It helps me calm myself as I step on to the plane and I won’t step on yet unless there is enough room to fully enter the plane after doing it. #OwnTheCrazy

-I only wear nail polish according to its given name. I will decide what general color I’m interested in but I go by the name matching my feeling/mood on that day. #ThatsBerryDaring #PlayDate (favorites) I also have to wear Russian Navy at least once every October because it reminds me of watching the pilot of Gossip Girl in college. #Weirdo #Nostalgic

Russian Navy Nails

-I’m not sure if this is a quirk or just something weird about me, but I know every celebrity baby name there is to know. My family and friends really love to joke about this one. I use to read People Magazine religiously every week from age 13 to 23. I think I stopped being so consistent since I wasn’t getting the magazine delivered to my apartment. However this may be why I know these things or that I’m a lover of baby names and my brain choses to remember what some people would cal useless information. Until I’m on their trivia team and I kill the celebrity and pop culture round 😉 #PopCultureFanatic

-My nickname: Cupcake! My father has always had nicknames for my siblings and I while growing up and mine changed somewhere around my teen years to Cupcake and it stuck! Now my extended family refers to me as Cupcake too. My dad has shortened it to Cakes in recent years, but there you go thats the reasoning behind my blog name too.


Cupcake N Dreams

I have many many more quirks but I thought those were a good start so that I didn’t go overboard 😉

I can’t wait to read through your posts in the link up since it’s great to get to know what makes everyone uniquely them!

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