Recap of Park City & Sundance 2017

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I’m starting to recover from my whirlwind week in a winter wonderland full of movies 🙂

I thought today I would recap my week with pictures. In the future I will post a 3 days in Park City post. I feel like you could see all there is to see in 3 days, unless you are an avid skier who needs multiple days of skiing. Or you come for Sundance in which case you would want to stay 5 or more days.

Here’s how I spent my time in Park City, UT:

Bye New York, I think I have all the essentials for inflight comfort handled!

Landing in Salt Lake City late at night! Park City is about 35-40 minutes outside of Salt Lake so I highly suggest booking a shuttle to your hotel or airbnb when you visit.

Since I flew the day after the Patriots won the AFC Championship I had to represent on the flight 😉 Oh and as you can see, I was already getting use out of my new snow boots!

I stayed with my sister and her boyfriend in their little cabin oasis in Summit Park, UT. This is her Patriots mug, like I said, it’s a family thing.

I could not get over the amount of snow they had! I lived in LA for the past 5 winters with only short trips back to the East Coast, so I hadn’t seen that amount of snow in a long time. Park City had a decent snow storm the 1st weekend of Sundance. It was snowing when I landed that night and it kept going for 3 days. #Ifoundwinter

I couldn’t wait to experience my first Sundance. A film I was part of didn’t make it in the festival, but I knew I wanted to attend this year since my sister was living in Park City. She suggested I apply for the volunteer program where you work a certain number of shifts to get free tickets to the movies and other great stuff. Plus you never know who you will meet. #SignMeUp

Seriously these boots were life savers.

I was so lucky to work the whole week with the Sundance Institute’s Ignite Program for 18-24 year old filmmakers. I was the assistant to the program manger and helped her facilitate the few events they had planned for the week with industry leaders. I was able to sit in on panels where filmmakers, producers, and film distributors explained the film making progress and gave advice to the ignite participants. This venue was called The Shop which is regularly a yoga studio. It was probably the best place to work all week in my opinion!  

Still can’t believe I was apart of the festival this year. It was so inspiring to see the films and hear the producers talk about their passion for the stories they were telling.

Thankfully there was time to go and explore the food scene in Park City. I ate lunch one day at the Windy Ridge Cafe and it was soooo yummy!

I needed some chicken soup to warm up and it came in this perfect little steel bowl. So good!

The drive in and out of Park City each day was breathe taking. I couldn’t get enough of it.

One morning I stopped to get coffee at Atticus Coffee & Teahouse. It’s an adorable coffee shop on lower main with a mini bookstore inside.

Everywhere I went looked like a picture on Pinterest :-).

My uniform all week was long sleeve shirt, sweater, scarf, jeans and boots. Repeat. I did my best to keep warm. 

There are places you can ski in and out of in the city.

One morning instead of coffee I decided to have some tea since I don’t know if it was the altitude but coffee was making me jittery. One of my new friends from the festival recommended I check out Harvest. I’m so happy she did because it was the cutest place! I loved how they served the tea in a little tea pot. They had great breakfast salad items on the menu as well. 

Finally it’s ski day! My family didn’t ski while I was growing up but I did have a friend that would bring me when I was in middle school. I’ve skied here and there through out my life but I’m no expert in the sport. My sister learn to ski in her 20s separately, so we were excited to ski together for the first time in Park City.  We had a gorgeous day and she took me around to all her favorite trails that were on the green and low blue levels because like I said I’m no expert.

We had lunch at the top of the mountain in one of the beautiful lodges at Park City Mountain.

The best part of lunch was spotting Joshua Jackson or Charlie Conway from Mighty Ducks or Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, walking around the lodge! Ahhh love him!

I could not get over how beautiful the scenery was.

All I know is I’m up really high above sea level and the Park City area is gorgeous. I also didn’t break anything while skiing so that’s a win!

We all went to dinner that night at Squatter’s which is a local brewery in Salt Lake. The beer and food was delicious, I highly recommend it!

I wanted to experience the night life while here for Sundance and it was quite packed everywhere we went on main street.

No Name Saloon was my favorite bar we ventured too.

Don’t know why this is so blurry, but here we are enjoying our beers on the heated outside patio. Aren’t all the lights everywhere festive?!

Cheers Park City!

One of the films I was able to watch was actually a documentary series produced by Jay-z and Harvey Weinstein about Kalief Browder’s story. Whether you know about his story or not, I think the series is powerful and a must see when it airs on SPIKE TV in March. It was an amazing night to witness.

I was lucky to attend the awards night ceremony and party the last night of Sundance. That’s Jessica Williams from the Daily Show hosting. Her opening monologue was pretty funny.

It’s also funny to me that the ceremony is held in a rec gym, I guess there are no other spaces in the city big enough to hold everyone. I’m glad I was able to experience it all though.

I couldn’t wait for the last night and the Midway Ice Castles. Over the holidays I had seen that my favorite dancing family, the Houghs, had visited this ice castles place and I begged my sister to take me there. Although when we got there she was just as excited as I was lol. They have several locations around North America and are opened through the beginning of February so check them out if you can. Especially if you have children, it was the perfect place to bring your kids too.

Every part was so cool! Including the slides, the fountains, the thrones and the lights. I’ll post more pictures from this night on Friday for my favorites post!

Catching the beautiful sunrise come over the mountain.

On my last day I screened one of the festival award winners at the historic Egyptian Theater on Main Street.

After one week it was time to say goodbye to this beautiful winter wonderland. I hope to get back some day for more skiing. I also want to visit in the summer and venture down to Zion National Park since that’s on my travel list as well. I highly recommend making a trip to Park City either way one day!

Look for more specific travel posts on Park City in the future!


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    Jenn@Going the Distance


    Looks like an awesome trip! The ice crystal castles looked super cool!

    • Reply

      Cupcake N Dreams


      Thanks Jenn! They were so cool, they have a few locations around the country 🙂

  2. Reply

    jessi's design


    I would LOVE to go!!! xo

    • Reply

      Cupcake N Dreams


      I highly recommend any trips to Park City! Thanks for stopping by Jessi!

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    Erica Ashley


    What an awesome trip!! I have heard it is beautiful to ski there and it sure looks like it! GO PATRIOTS!!!

    • Reply

      Cupcake N Dreams


      It was such a beautiful place! Go Pats! Thanks for stopping by Erica 🙂

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    That’s awesome you got to be part of the festival. I’m not a winter-weather sport person, but I’d love to go just to check it all out and see the various films!


    • Reply

      Cupcake N Dreams


      I think it’s still worth visiting for the festival, especially if you love independent films! I guess some years aren’t as snowy as this year was too. Thanks for stopping by Lauren 🙂

  5. Reply

    Kristi @ Happily Ever Griedls


    This is awesome and beautiful and looks like so much fun (and I could go on :)). Sign me up to join you next year 🙂