Stranded Three Things: Footwear

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I’ve been following along with Erika and Shay’s series Stranded, but haven’t joined in until today!

 There are so many items in different categories I would need on a stranded island yet shoes feels like the most important. I’m not really a shoe fanatic but i do search for the most comfortable and practical shoes, especially for traveling and outdoor activities. That’s why I felt like today was a great day to join in on the hypothetical fun because it felt like I could blend it with travel. These 3 pairs of shoes would be essential on an island and traveling around the world 🙂

My Birkenstocks


South of France May 2010

South of France May 2010

London 2010

London 2010

This first pair I always have to have on an island or while at a warm destination are my Birkenstock Gizeh’s! I’ve mentioned these on the blog numerous times and have walked miles and miles in them around European cities, as well as NYC. Thank god they became a fashion do in recent years. 

West Marine Water Shoes


West Marine Womens Water Shoes

I love these West Marine Bungi water shoes! I wear them all the time in both the ocean and the lake through out summer. They are great for kayaking and jet skiing as well as walking along the rocky beaches of the east coast. They have a slip resistant bottom and the bungee cord top is perfect for feeling secure that your shoe won’t fall off. I’ve even walked on slippery rocks holding children (and going slow) while wearing these shoes and have had no problems! I love that they come in fun summer colors like orange and turquoise. They obviously would be practical on a stranded island too 😉 You can’t beat their price either!

Asics Sneaker

I may be taking this exercise too seriously but I would have to bring a sneaker because they are just so comfortable. I especially like Asics because I feel like they would help me run away from animals faster and climb trees or mountains to find food Katniss Everdeen style. We can assume it’s that type of island right?! lol

Join the link up or let me know in the comments if you have any shoes you can’t live without!!

Happy Wednesday friends 🙂

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