Super Bowl 52 Recap

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What a weekend!

It’s been a dream of mine to go to a Super Bowl since I was a little kid. I was so fortunate that this year the stars aligned. It was even better that my beloved Patriots made it to the Super Bowl!! While it definitely wasn’t the outcome I wanted, I am so grateful I was able to be there. Minneapolis was a gracious host city and the stadium was beautiful. Getting to explore all the events and watch the game with my parents, siblings and boyfriend was truly a memorable experience.

Now to the photo overload😊…

I flew to MN on Friday night with my mom and J to meet my brother, sister, her fiancé and my dad. #OnToMinneapolis

My love for Pinkberry will never end. J had never had it before and now I have him hooked too!

The Mall of America was our first stop on Saturday. During Super Bowl Week it was the home of radio row. On Saturday, it still had some events going on, but nothing really exciting so we walked around for a bit. I’ve already been a few times and I highly recommend it if you are ever visiting the Minneapolis area. The size of the mall is something to see and of course I always think of Mighty Ducks when I see the amusement park area. Anyone else get that flashback?!

The stores were packed and the Super Bowl merchandise was selling like crazy.

After the MOA, we headed to the Super Bowl Experience at the convention center. Can I just say how much I loved the color scheme for this super bowl. The purple tones were a play off of the city’s signature color (Prince’s influence too). They are my favorite colors all swished together and it gave off a futuristic vibe.

My sister and brother and I had to take a picture with our team helmet. They had the Patriots and Eagles helmets outside and the other 30 teams scattered inside.

My family knows my love for Carrie Underwood singing the SNF intro every week. I had to take a picture with the billboard since NBC was broadcasting this Super Bowl. Sing it Carrie!

Kind of fun seeing all the countdown clocks everywhere.

They had mock “lockers” set up everywhere for star players in the league. Had to take a picture of the GOAT’s.

Seeing this really gave me all the feels!

You could take your picture with a Lombardi Trophy.

The 40 yard field goal attempt was one of the most popular activities. We waited in line for 45 mintues so that J could have a shot at it. I won’t post the video, but let’s just say he went wide left and there were gasps from the crowd. 😂 He took it in stride, especially since you only have one shot at it. The video is pretty funny.

I took only video of his, my brother and my attempts at throwing the football too. I’m going to add them to my INSTASTORY Highlights so you all can what else they had there. It was an amazing place to take kids!!

DirectTV had a stage set up and they were interviewing fans about their fandom for their team. I had a nice little chat with this guy about how much I love the Patriots.

I was excited to see some of the NFL Network shows live. I do wish I got to visit Radio Row earlier in the week. I listen to ESPN/CBS Sports in the morning and on my commutes. I’m a big fan of sports commentary.

They had huge banners of all the Super Bowl rings scattered around the center. We finally found last years and wish we could have added another one!

The NFL had lots of photo opportunities scattered around the convention center and city.

Saturday night we all spilt up because we had different events to go to. My brother, J and I were the lucky ones who got to go to the JLO Super Saturday Night DirectTV Party. I won’t lie, I’m not the biggest fan of JLO, but I was happy to be there and take it all in.

We had tickets to a VIP area and were hanging around early when all the sudden SHAQ walked in. GUYS! He is soooooooo big. All three of us were pretty giddy over being 5ft from him, but we could not get over how tall he was when he walked by. I also can add that he smelled amazing haha.

JLO danced her butt off and I did enjoy hearing some of her hits. The Armory in downtown Minneapolis was a pretty cool venue.

A Rod was there with his daughters to cheer her on. So was Ciara and Russell Wilson. My favorite celeb sighting was when Derek Hough walked right in front of me at the bar. He was gone in two seconds as I about to ask for a picture. He is one of my favorite performers to watch across any medium.

It was a great pre-Super Bowl party experience!

On Sunday morning, I grabbed breakfast with these two lovely ladies! Can you believe we met exactly 10 years ago this month while studying abroad in Australia?! Where does the time go?  They have become two of my best friends and we have tried to meet up as much as possible through the years since they live in Minnesota and North Dakota.

After pregamming in the car with my siblings/SO because it was so freaking cold out, it was finally time to go to the SUPER BOWL! Thank god for the city’s indoor sky-bridges. It made it so much easier, and warmer!, to get to the stadium.

Our first look at the stadium!


I found the Gjallarhorn and wanted to blow it for all the Vikings’ fans. I was hoping for a Patriots/Vikings Super Bowl.

So thankful I was able to experience this with these 4❤

and this guy💙


We walked around and took it all in. I tried to be present as much as I could through out the whole weekend so I didn’t get pictures of everything. I wanted to mentally remember all of this!! J even reminded me at different points of the game to just soak it all in. It was a great reminder!

When we were walking around we ran into Sal Paolantonio from ESPN. He is one of my favorite NFL reporters.

Then before I knew it, it was time to take our seats for the game to begin! Look at TB12, he was ready to go!

Pink did a fantastic job in my opinion! I thought she looked fabulous too! During the anthem is when it hit me that I was really watching a Super Bowl live.

I won’t lie it felt like an Eagles home game the first half. I’m not used to that since I only ever go to Patriots’ games at Gillette during the season. The Philly fans were pretty obnoxious every where you went.

Half time was a nice break from the game anxiety. I was so excited it was Justin Timberlake. Fun Fact: I danced with Justin Timberlake in the movie Friends With Benefits.

It was cool to see the show from up high because I was able to see the full effect of all the sets.

“I got this feeling in my body” Everyone was dancing hard to the last song!

My family was scattered around the stadium so after halftime we switched seats with my sister. We watch the final two quarters from the end zone which was pretty freaking cool.

Come on Tom!!!

It pains me to even post this photo, but I wanted to share my point of views/behind the scenes from the whole thing.

 It SUCKS that the Patriots lost, but an opportunity like this doesn’t come around often. Tom Brady is still amazing and to be honest I’m not sure if we’ll ever top the feeling we had after last year’s Super Bowl.Like I said I tried to soak in the whole weekend and I”m so grateful I was able to take it all in with my family and J.

I’ll cherish the memories of Super Bowl LII!



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    Andrea Nine


    I cannot imagine the excitement you must have felt! I’m so sorry your boys lost but tickled you got the experience! Have a wonderful day gorgeous girl!

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    Melissa @ Loving Life Moore


    What an incredible experience! My husband would love to go to a Superbowl someday…I couldn’t care less, but I’ll take a Stanley Cup Championship anyday!

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    WHAT A WEEKEND!! That seriously deserved to be in all caps because even though like you said it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, it was so cool you were there to experience it! I’m crazy jealous you saw J.Lo perform – she’s just incredible in my opinion! 🙂 xo, Biana

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    Sounds like a lot of fun! I love all the pictures you took.

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    Oh wow, that’s awesome you actually went to the super bowl. I know the rest of my family would have LOVED that. I’m not really a football person to be honest. lol Looks like they had a lot of great events going on beforehand too, which is cool!


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    Such an incredible experience! Dare I ask how much the tickets to the game were? Love all the celeb sitings, and lol at Shaq smelling good! <3
    Green Fashionista

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    jessi's design


    ummm this is AH-MAZING!!!

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    What a cool experience! As an Eagles fan I’m thrilled they won, but I’m sure they Patriots will probably be back next year! 🙂 It’s so cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff and how much there is to do aside from the game!