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01/10/2018 9 Comments

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I’m working through this second week in the new year with continued inspiration and optimism. I find January can bring that type of outlook. I also think being stuck inside due to the weather helps keep my focus on tasks I’ve let go by the way side the last few months.

This year, I plan to take part in more series like this one from the ladies over at The Blended Blog. I want to share more about myself and what makes me unique as a person since that’s what I gravitate towards reading other blogs. I want to do more storytelling and letting you read this blog each week feel like you know me better!

Resolutions or No Resolutions?  Yes & no. I chose to focus on a word, which funny enough is FOCUS this year. However, I did write down to continue to work on my posture, drink more water and be intentional with what and when I say things.

Love Snow or No Snow?  Give me all the snow in the 32 degree weather. Not the frigid cold though.

Name a New Place you want to go this year?  There are so many to choose from! Luckily, I’m already booked for Charleston, SC, which I’ve been dying to get to, and for Mexico since I have never been! I also want to get to Norway so bad but that isn’t scheduled for the year…yet lol.

Would you rather have a new Hair Cut or Hair Color?  Hmmmm I guess hair cut because I’ve never colored my hair except for minimal balayage highlights. However, I wouldn’t want a crazy new haircut either lol. I like my hair medium-long in length.

Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year? This one was hard to think about. I think I’d have to say continue with meditation. I started practicing here and there two years ago and find it brings me peace in this hectic world. As my planner for the year says on the cover, take it one day at a time! Meditation helps me remember to not get to far ahead of myself.

Least Favorite thing about January?  Feeling stir crazy inside if the weather gets as cold as it did the last week.

Most Favorite thing about January? Looking at the year as a fresh start in whatever that means to me each year.

When do you take down your Holiday decorations? Usually the weekend after New Years. I like taking in the tree for as long as I can.

Do you diet in January? No, I really never diet or adhere to a strict eating plan. Some weeks I’ll do little things like eat eggs for breakfast every day to lower my carb intake or eat salads for lunch every day. It’s my  way of keeping everything in moderation.

What area of your home do you want to organize the most?  Bedroom/Home Office. I’ve let stuff pile up around my desk this past year.

Favorite Winter Comfort Food?  Has to be macaroni and cheese! I’ve ordered it everywhere I go lol. #IDefinitelyDontDiet

Favorite Guilty Pleasure? I’m going to with a TV guilty pleasure for this one. I feel like I’ve mentioned this multiple times on the blog before, but I’m obsessed with watching The Challenge on MTV still. I just can’t stop every time there is a new season. Even though most of my old favorites don’t take part in the show anymore I can’t help, but watch.

I can’t wait to read through everyone’s answers, but if you aren’t linking up leave a comment below answering name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?

See you all Friday for some favorites! 



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    Andrea Nine


    Charleston will be amazing! I love that you love snow too and soooo happy you linked up with us! Next month’s theme? LOVE! xo

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    Jessi's Design


    Yess to ALL of the snow! I need to move to like CO or something haha Happy Wednesday friend! xo

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow :)! And yes to choosing a word for the year, I do too. Mac and cheese, yessss!

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    Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. I’m in NJ and we’ve been slammed with that cold front this year, so now that it reached 30 degrees yesterday and today, it feels SO GOOD. Like, people out on the streets, frolicking like we’re in the middle of the summer, ha!

    I love Norway–I have family there and it’s a beautiful country. Hope you have a great time on your travels this year! Seems everyone is going to Mexico lately! Fun to read your answers to this 🙂 Stopping in from TBB!

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    I had a hard time coming up with something I wanted to do for myself. Sometimes the most simple things are the most important–love the meditation one!

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    I have the same exact feelings on snow. So pretty and fun, but frigid cold just to be cold… no thanks! Norway sounds amazing, and you’ll love Mexico! And how did I not know The Challenge was still on?! Are they still the same people from 10+ years ago?
    Green Fashionista

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    You are going to love Charleston – I’ve been twice and can’t wait to go back!! Oh yes to mac and cheese – it really is the best comfort food and even better if it has lobster in it! xo, Biana

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    I don’t have any travel plans set this year, but I would really like to go somewhere…even if it’s not far! My word for the year is Adventure!


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    January is such a positive month! I am right there with you in wanting warmer weather. I’ve been to Norway and was one of the cleanest places I’ve seen. Sierra~Beautifully Candid