Top 3 Online Travel Tools I Use

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Top Online Travel Tools


Ok so today I’m going to divulge a little secret about me. Hi my name is Amanda and I check flights every single day. Like every day. All different routes, airlines and destinations. I have come across other people out there who do this, so I know I’m not alone. I thought today would be a good day to discuss my top 3 online travel tools right now. I would also love if you left a comment under this blog post with your top travel tools you use to book your vacations & trips! This is the one thing I love about blogging, someone always comments with something you haven’t thought of before!


Skyscanner has been my favorite travel website for awhile now. My favorite feature is the one where you can enter your departing airport and choose “Everywhere” for your destination (make sure to enter a whole month as the dates). Then it generates a list of areas and gives you the prices for them. I call it the inspiring destination generator because it might show you a place you didn’t think to visit based on it’s price!


Delta 5 Week Calendar


Now this tip depends on which airline you have loyalty to, but mine is with Delta currently. I love checking out their 5 week calendar for different desitnations. Some times I have flexible travel dates and also length of time I can travel, so I like that I can change the number of days to see if it would save any money. I also like how it highlights the lowest fares and combines months while searching.

*No matter the airfare site, always remember to browse in private mode when searching for flights*




Tripadvisor is my favorite tool used to plan where to stay and what to see at my destinations. Other than getting ideas from fellow bloggers or Pinterest or Instagram, I’d say I use Tripadvisor the most. This site was a key tool in planning my quick trip to Iceland last year and it served me well! Both my hotel and guided tours were recommended through the site and they were everything I could have asked for. I recommend looking into your destination on TripAdvisor before heading there for some great tips and reviews of places and business you may be interested in visiting.

Leave any traveling tools you like to use in the comments below!!

Happy Wednesday Friends 🙂 🙂

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