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Totes are something I struggle with while traveling, I’m always looking for the perfect one! I finally feel like I have a few that fit everything I need with me on the plane, zip close and fit nicely under a variety of airplane seats! FYI: The size under airplane seats change depending on the size of the plane and where you sit (aisle, middle). I thought today I would share my top 3 travel totes that have made my life easier through out my recent travels.


This tote is my favorite right now. It has a zip closure and a ton of pockets inside which still holding its shape when its on the ground. It fits very nicely into the overhead bins and underneath my seat (where I store it most of the time) while protecting my valuables from damage. I also love how it fits perfectly on top of my roller suitcases when I’m toting it around the airports and destinations. There are different colors to choose from and of course I love the brightness of the pattern since luggage can tend to be boring. I think that its reasonably priced and the bonus is you can wash it in the washer machine. My bags get so dirty from frequent travel so this is a huge plus in my book!


The TT bag is great for many of the same reasons that the Vera Bradley Tote is. However this tote gives you the option of having a Nylon exterior which works well for traveling in different weather situations. Nylon bags tend to be lighter as well. It has a built in lap top pocket to keep your devices nice and protected. It’s a pricer option than the Vera but these totes last a long time and are very durable!



This tote serves as a great leather option. I liked the style of this bag while still serving its function for carrying everything I need on a plane. It fits a laptop, iPad, wallet and has ample pockets for everything else. It’s a great price point, has a few different colors to choose from and still has the zip closure to make sure nothing falls out.


I love talking totes so let me know in the comments below if you have a tried and true one that is your go to for flying!


Happy Monday Friends!


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