Weekending: 46 Degrees to 103 Degrees

09/26/2016 3 Comments

Hello from Los Angeles! I wasn’t sure what to call my Weekending post today, until I realized I went through a 60 degree weather change in less than 24 hours this past weekend.

ragnar lake placid

On Saturday I headed to the Adirondacks to see the end of a Ragnar race because my sister currently works for them. The finish line was in Lake Placid, NY and it was such a gorgeous night to go check it out, however I was not prepared for the 46 degree weather. It had been a perfect September day earlier with lots of sunshine and mild temps, but by the time I ate dinner out on the patio at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, it was chilly! The pub was awesome though and I highly recommend checking it out if you find yourself in Lake Placid, NY. It’s three stories and so cozy with fireplaces and Adirondack decor. In the summer time the patio and outdoor game area, which is dog friendly, would also be a huge draw. The food was awesome and I loved my maple cheddar chicken sandwich and fries. I tried their lightest beer and it was ok, I would probably go with something else.


Lake Placid

Maple Cheddar Chicken Sandwich

Maple Cheddar Chicken Sandwich

I wish I took more pictures but I was trying to soak in the beautiful mountain surroundings. Also if you find yourself in Upstate New York in the Fall you must take a drive up the north way! It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch the trees change throughout September and October. If you want more northeast fall beauty then check out my post from last week, Top Weekend Getaways during the Fall in the Northeast.

The next morning I flew out to the west coast and it feels like I’m being suffocated from the heat. Why is it 103 degrees this week?! I don’t miss this part of Southern California. However, my flight from Las Vegas to Burbank yesterday afternoon was an amazing life moment. I was aware that the iHeartRadio concert weekend was this past weekend in Vegas so I kept my eyes peeled for musicians and celebrities while in the airport. Well I didn’t have to look pass my seat mates to find a celebrity or as I like to call him, one of my favorite boy banners ever, AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys.


When I realized I was sitting next to him my 10 year old self was freaking out inside. I waited until our flight was over to tell him that the Backstreet Boys were my first concert and I was a huge fan. He was so sweet and obliged me a picture to commemorate the time I sat next to a Backstreet Boy in the sky lol. #I’mStillFreakingOut

AJ & Nick were my favorite so I was so excited that it was him sitting there. I did get to see Howie at baggage claim because he was on the same flight but I didn’t end up getting a picture with him. I was a little crazy and took one of them together at baggage claim haha. #OnlyInLA This whole thing was definitely a highlight of my year haha.


 I’m in LA for business and excited to see friends and check out some more yummy food that I’ll report back on! Check out my Instagram to keep up on what I’m doing for the week!

Happy Monday Friends!

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    Claudia @ Justalittleblush.com


    OMG AJ!!! I would have flipped lol. My room was plastered with Backstreet Boys posters in middle school haha.

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      I was really flipping out inside! He was so nice though, which made the whole thing even better! Thanks for stopping by Claudia 🙂