Weekending The Greatest Super Bowl Ever!

02/06/2017 3 Comments

Ok, ok did that just happen?! I know I’m late with this blog post, but I had to recover from that unbelievable game last night. What a moment in history, not just for Patriots history, but sports history!

I am so inspired and thankful to be a Patriots fan. “Never give up” has a new meaning this morning.

I’m going to the parade in Boston tomorrow to celebrate with Pats Nation! Check out my Instagram story if you are a Pats fan!

Here are a few pictures from my family’s party:


Our mascot for the last 9 years, Brady! I had painted the picture of him in the background as a gift to my aunt and uncle last week at a paint and sip date.


My sister, brother and I love to cheer on our Pats! Happy to do life with these two!

I love my Patriots ladies!!

These pinwheels are always a hit!

Love these guys!

So thankful they bought into this team!!

We’ve been celebrating since 1993!

My parents were lucky enough to be at the game! I’m so happy for them that they were able to witness this game live 🙂 🙂

Loved getting the New York Times briefing this morning. So happy for Tom Brady!

I’m be soaking in this win all week and to all of those that are use to travel and lifestyle posts, I’m sorry. My family has been season ticket holders for 24 seasons. I love cheering the Patriots on each year with all of them. Nseedless to say the New England Patriots are a big part of my life, so I had to share this amazing moment today.

Go Pats!


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    Elenie Counts


    I fell asleep during the game. Crazy, I know! Woke up to everyone everywhere going crazy over the game and Gaga. 😉 Glad y’all had a good time. Those pinwheels look awesome!

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    Beyond unreal!! I’m still in shock of the comeback, the game & everything in between…I feel like a few years were taken off all our lives LOL! xo, Biana

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    Erica @ Whimsical September


    You are adorable! Have a blast at the parade tomorrow! Enjoy it with your family!