Weekending: Patriots & Ice Bar

01/22/2018 5 Comments

Now that was a weekend!

A little relaxation, a fun winter event and a BIG win from my Patriots. We’re going to the Super Bowl and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m definitely taking in these moments because I know how unique they are. The Patriots reflected back on the 1996 AFC Championship game during half time yesterday and it brought me back to the Super Bowl party my parents hosted all those years ago and how excited my family was. We still get so excited over this team!

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It was “balmy” this weekend so I took advantage and ran some errands on Saturday during the day. Saturday night J and I went up to The Sagamore in Lake George, NY to meet friends for their annual ice bar weekend. I’ve never been before so I was excited to see what it was all about. The Sagamore is such a beautiful historic hotel right on Lake George. I’ve stayed there twice before, once for my birthday two years ago, it’s such an elegant place.

 This past weekend was a little different because it was PACKED with people every which way you went, but the dance floor was fun and the ice sculptures were interesting. The motorcycle sculpture was right up my alley since I have my license, I had to take a picture lol.

At least the bar was pretty to look at while I waited to order my drink. It reminded me of an actual ice bar I went to in London way back in the day.


Had to take a quick selfie on the dance floor with this guy 🙂

These girls are always ready to dance 🙂

One more picture of J and I, you can’t tell but the water and mountains are behind us in this picture.

This was taken from the dock at The Sagamore in the summer time when I had friends visiting from out of town. The Sagamore is such a cool place to visit. If you are looking for a new summer destination to travel to as a family or couple or girls weekend, I highly recommend The Sagamore on Lake George!

I was asked a few times about different pieces of this outfit while I was at the ice bar so I thought I’d share the exact pieces, or similar ones if I couldn’t find the correct item. All of these pieces kept me warm through out the night in the tent.


I spent Sunday getting ready for the AFC Championship game. I watched this one from home with some family and friends and yummy food. #NOTDONE




  This is my go to pulled bbq chicken recipe. It’s so easy, I usually cook it on high on days like today when I’m in a rush before my guests arrive. They love it, I love it, it’s easy so it’s a no brainer.

Tom Brady

The game was tough and props to Jacksonville for putting up a fight. I’m so thankful for all this guy has done for this team! It’s really been a privilege to call him our quarterback for almost as long as we’ve been season ticket holders. We’re on to the Super bowl now!!

See everyone on Wednesday for the first edition of What’s Up Wednesday!



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    What a fun night you had – loving all the activities you have up by you!! the game was crazy close and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bill B. celebrate the way he did – that was more emotion than I’ve ever seen the man exude LOL! Superbowl here we come!! xo, Biana

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Omg yes! I thought that about Bill too!! Here we go 🙂

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    Andrea Nine


    Yay to the Pats win! Wow, Lake George is so awesome, just adore your cute selfie! Have a great start to your week!

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    Love seeing the contrast of winter and summer at the same location! How fun is that ice bar, love that even the bar is made of ice <3
    Green Fashionista

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    That ice bar looks like so much fun! We went to one in Amsterdam and also in Quebec. This will definitely be an interesting super bowl! Sierra~Beautifully Candid