Weekending: Patriots Training Camp & Saratoga Racetrack

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Happy Monday Friends!

Sorry I was MIA on Friday. I had every intention of listing my favorites, but I cannot shake this crazy summer cold/cough I’ve had. My body was really protesting on Friday so I listened and took it easy. Here is a quick over view of my last few days though! Warning: most of it revolves around my love for my NFL team lol.

Thursday I headed to one of my favorite places, Gillette Stadium! After I went to the Patriots training camp last year, I said I wanted to go on Tom Brady’s birthday this year because it was his 40th! I know how lucky we are as fans to have him be our quarterback for the last 16th years and we wanted to show him our appreciation on his birthday!

Everywhere around Patriot Place they had big cards to sign for Tom. The next day during practice those cards were all hung along the practice field where the players walk in. I also highly recommend staying at the Hilton Garden Inn at Patriot Place if you are ever there for a concert or passing through Foxbourough, MA. It’s a great place for families! Especially if you are Patriot fans! 

It was my grandpa’s first training camp experience. I can’t believe that since he has been a season ticket holder for almost 25 years! 

My cousins with their awesome signs! 

The man himself (with a little side eye haha)!! It was amazing that Tom Brady came around to all the stands and quickly autographed random peoples stuff. He smiled and said thank you as he walked by to everyone screaming his name and happy birthday. We were absolutely thrilled to have been this close to him, especially on his birthday!! He really is a great guy!

The Patriots have built this amazing organization through out the years. The training camp this year was full of fun activities for fans. I wish I took more pictures because there was so much to do besides watch the practice, especially for kids. They even had a petting zoo with baby goats in honor of Brady haha.

So thankful for this guy!

We never have time to tour The Hall at Gillette Stadium that houses all the Patriots history and trophies. It really was worth the admission. It’s really an inspiring history. 

Never seen all 5 up close!

We had the best time at training camp this year!!

If you live in the Capital Region of New York then you know summer doesn’t begin until the Saratoga Racetrack opens. I forget sometimes how special it is to have such history in my hometown.

Rooting on my horses from inside the Paddock area too! 

Another awesome part of the track being open is the food! A lot of NYC restaurants venture north during track season like Shake Shack and The Mac Truck. I always have to get their special mac n cheese with buffalo chicken or pulled pork on top. Mmmm I’m hungry right now for it!

We had the best weather late in the day on Saturday!

This picture is so special to me! That is my best friend since 3rd grade, Mallory and our 3rd grade teacher who put us together all that time ago. Doesn’t she look fantastic?!

We are still pretty close with her and saw her out at the after track hotspot on Saturday night. I’m so thankful for this bond 🙂

Sunday was full of the usual lake time! Soaking up as many lake days as I can!


I hope everyone has a fabulous week ahead!


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    I cant even focus on anything else because of how close you were to Tom!! How fun! xo, Biana

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    My hubby loves the Patriots. We have a Man room with Patriots stuff & other Boston teams. Do you live in New England? I really liked Patriots Place. That’s really cool that you got so close to Tom. He looks so tall.