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I’m linking up with Blovedboston today! This is another great link up too, I love checking out how everyone spends their weekends.

My weekend was a one off extra special weekend because a film I filmed awhile ago premiered at the San Diego Film Festival on Saturday. After I graduated college I set out to fulfill one of my dreams of being an actor. I’ve acted in things here and there through the last few years while living in Los Angeles and New York City. It was pretty cool to see something that I did a long time ago turn into something as exciting as my first feature film. I unfortunately was too nervous to take a picture of my name up on the big screen in the beginning credits but I will leave you with a picture of the red carpet. We’ll see what happens with the film since this was its first stop on getting into theaters.

Los Angeles Premiere

It was so great to be back in LA last week and stop at my favorite restaurants and old stomping grounds. I have missed authentic Mexican food like whoa!


I missed convenient not too easy but not too hard hikes, Malibu and great friends. I did not miss the traffic, the crazy heat and the lack of parking though.

Zumba Beach, Malibu, CA

I was so excited to make my first trip to Laguna Beach, CA on the way to San Diego for the film festival. I’m so mad at myself for taking so long to visit this beautiful beach town while I lived only an hour and half away. It was gorgeous and I’m already planning a weekend trip there for some time in the future. I was a huge fan of MTV’s Laguna Beach (it was on during my high school years) and walking around their town was so fun. I highly recommend it as a So Cal destination if you need one.

Laguna Beach, Cali



I also love the drive down to San Diego from Los Angeles minus the traffic, try to go during off peak hours. Driving down the California coast while listening to music and having the ocean right next to you is very theraputic.

San Diego Harbor

I went to San Diego for the first time earlier this year and it has now become one of my favorite American cities after only two visits. I just love the vibe there, way more than Los Angeles. Check out my previous posts on where to eat and what to do. This time around I ate at the Karl Strauss Brewery and thoroughly  enjoyed my pretzels, salad and seasonal Oktoberfest beer!

Karl Strauss

Karl Strauss

It was a crazy weekend and I’m full of gratitude after it. I can’t wait to see what everyone else was up too!

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