What’s Up Wednesday May 2016

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Once a month everyone answers the following questions and it’s so fun to see what everyone is up too:-)

Here is what I’ve been doing…warning I’m currently in the middle of a road trip so a lot of these answers may be related to that lol

What I’m Eating This Week

This week is different because as I said I’m on a road trip! I’ve been trying to eat healthy while stopping at the various rest stops and dinners out. I packed blueberries, watermelon, apples, Kristin Cavalleri’s Trail Mix, and yogurt to snack on through out the trip to stay on track. Then we hit the midwest and Culver’s (ahhh) and I couldn’t help myself, chocolate custard with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my downfall.

concrete shake culvers Minnesota

What I’m Reminiscing About

Most of the time I’m thinking about where I was traveling at this time in years pass, like 6 years ago this week I left for my European Adventure. 8 Years ago I was traveling to Whitsundays and Fraser Island in Australia. I’m also reminiscing about my dance years and my old studio has their 40th anniversary recital this weekend, which will be fun to attend this year.



What I’m Loving


Lately I’ve been making an effort to go/do things that I’ve always wanted to do. I ran my first 5K this month and then ran another the next weekend because I had such a good time and it was a fun way to connect with friends. I’ve also been going to local Farmer’s Markets to buy local and get some yummy produce crepes haha just kidding I bought apples too 😉 I hope to continue this through out the summer though!


What I’ve Been Up Too

Driving. Driving. Driving-But seriously before I set out on this trip I was doing a lot social media work and marketing for some of my other jobs. Hanging out with family and friends and my god daughter and getting ready for summer!

What I’m Dreading

At first I didn’t know what I was dreading but then I realized the one thing this season brings that I dread every year: mosquitos. I hate mosquitos with a passion especially since I’m one of those people who they attract too. I’ve tried every method of bug repellant but if you have anything you swear by please them in the comments!

What I’m Working On

I’m working on growing this blog, working on learning Spanish, and voiceovers!

What I’m Excited About

Beyonce! I can’t wait to see her next week in concert 🙂 🙂

Fierce Beyonce

What I’m Watching/Reading

Game of Thrones!!! (OMG so good #StarkReunion)  Nashville! (WHY ABC WHY? #BringItBack) Dancing with the Stars! (Can’t believe I still get invested)

Stark Family Reunion nashville abc



I’ve been reading The Nightingale, which has been so interesting about two sisters in France in WWII. I just finished Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero this month too. It was a great read on President Kennedy’s ascent in politics, I thought it was good because I hadn’t read about him from that angle before. I feel like it showcased the hard decisions he had to make and the hard work he put into campaigning through out his career.

What I’m Listening too


A lot of different things since thats a perk of  road trips. Mainly The Lumineer’s ,since my Mom loves them too, with a side of Beyonce, Mumford & Songs, Miranda Lambert, and Sam Hunt. Still there’s a lot of old songs that have come up through the shuffle that I just love to reminisce with.


What I’m Wearing

I’m working on a post this week about 5 pieces/5 outfits, so stay tuned for that next month. I’ve been breaking out the white jeans and denim jackets lately though. I also am in love with this scarf my Mom just brought back from Greece for me! It doubles as a beach cover-up and a vest! So fun 🙂

Scarf from Greece


What I’m Doing This Weekend

Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend! and doing something secretive and fun that’s part of my reminiscing answer 😉


What I’m Looking Forward Too Next Month

Mumford & Sons

I already said I’m excited about Beyonce but I’m also looking forward to Mumford & Sons! #BigSummerConcertMonth I love summer concerts, especially from my all time favorite artists. I’m so lucky to be able to go to both Beyonce and Mumford within two weeks of each other! Pictures to come of course 🙂

What Else Is New…

 I’ve been using the Young Living Essential Oils and loving putting the lemon in my water, lavender on my wrists/temples and stress away in the diffuser.

Young Living Essential Oils

What are you looking forward to this summer?


I can’t wait to spend weekends at the Lake, upcoming trips to RI and Tennessee, pool time, summer concerts, tans, fun drinks and cookouts. Oh and everything in between that summer has to offer 🙂 #Thankgoditshere

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