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What’s Up Wednesday June 2016

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I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama Sheaffer Told Me To & The Larson Lingo for What’s Up Wednesday!

Once a month everyone answers the following questions and it’s so fun to see what everyone is up too:-)

What I’m Eating This Week

I’m eating all kinds of things now that its summer! Cook outs are one of my favorite things about summer because my family and I eat a ton of pasta salads, fruit and hamburgers on the weekends. I’ve been indulging in my fair share of soft ice cream cones but my favorite thing this week was my sushi roll from Asuka Sushi in the Chelsea Neighborhood of NYC! #Amazing #Mangoinmysushiplease


What I’m Reminiscing About


High School Graduation. I’ve had the chance to go to my old high school’s graduation ceremony a few times since I graduated due to siblings and cousins and each time I can’t believe how long it’s been since those days. I went again last Thursday and I think going to graduations prompt you take stock of your life and where you are in it.

What I’m Loving

Summer // Cupcake N Dreams Cupcake N Dreams Summer

Pool floats. Yes that’s right I have an obsession with pool floats right now and everyone thinks I’m crazy haha. But seriously they bring so much joy and if this season isn’t about lounging around in some body of water in a colorful float then I don’t want to be apart of it 😉

What I’ve Been Up Too


Outdoor concerts and improv festivals! I went to see some of my favorite improvisers, from the theatre I’ve trained at (Upright Citizens Brigade), this weekend at the Del Close Marathon. It was so funny and inspiring watching Nick Kroll and Friends!

What I’m Dreading

I couldn’t think of something specific that I am not looking forward too but I have to say I’ve been staying away from the news lately, because I do think it affects my mood slightly, with all the craziness in this world.

What I’m Working On

I’m filming a PSA video that’s shown in schools about bullying tomorrow. I’m excited to play a teacher who  is looking out for her students.

What I’m Excited About


My sister comes back to the USA on the perfect weekend to celebrate her return from France. She has lived there for almost a year now and her Au Pair position has come to an end. My family and I are excited to have her back in this hemisphere but she truly enjoyed her time and travels there, as well as the families she worked for. I fell in love with the kids during my visit in January and have loved face timing and seeing them on social media every day. I am really going to miss seeing them on a regular basis but happy for my sister that she made lifelong relationships over in her favorite place: Paris!

What I’m Watching/Reading

The two shows that have dominated my June are: Game of Thrones and The Bachelorette. I know I really span the tv world 😉 Seriously though Game of Thrones was just amazing this season, absolutely the best story telling I’ve seen out of a scripted show. I was so happy that some of the Stark kids have found their way back to each other and I can’t wait to see what happens to them next year. This season brought back a sense of season one and what I loved from those early episodes, so I am a happy fangirl after that spectacular finale!

Stark Family Reunion

As for The Bachelorette, I’m not thrilled with Jojo’s crop of guys this season and for the love of all that is holy can she get rid of Alex next week, he has over stayed his welcome. I truly love watching Jojo though because she does seem so grounded in herself and her path, not to mention I have hair and outfit envy every week!


I finished The Nightingale and it’s been haunting me for a week now. I don’t remember ever reading about women in WWII who were right on the front lines. Americans had an ocean between them and the destruction but the French had their homes invaded by the awful Germans. It’s a story about two sisters who fight to survive in different ways during this awful time in our world history. If you are looking for an impactful book that really makes you think then I highly recommend it. Reese Witherspoon is making it into a movie so I wanted to read it before it comes out. This book will definitely stay with me for awhile.

I started Emily Maynard’s book to switch to something lighter, however the beginning of her story is difficult too. Although, I’m really enjoying Emily’s POV through out the Bachelor process and her love for her daughter, Ricki.


What I’m Listening too


Mumford and Sons after seeing them live this month! Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling since it’s the song of the summer and will be the song I use in my family’s video I make every year. I take footage of all of us from summer events and put it together with our favorite song that year. It’s become something we all look forward to seeing at the end of the summer!

What I’m Wearing

Summer brights! LuLaRoe! White anything 🙂 Hello Birkenstock’s

image image image


What I’m Doing This Weekend


Celebrating our beautiful country’s birth because it’s my favorite weekend of the year! #RedWhiteandBlueAllDay I’m thankful and cherish the time I spend with friends and family over this beloved weekend.

What I’m Looking Forward Too Next Month


Newport, Rhode Island & Nashville, TN!!! #Summertrips I’m so excited to continue the tradition of spending the 2nd weekend in July with my whole maternal side of the family in Newport, RI. I’ve never been anywhere else that weekend since the year I was born 🙂 I’m also excited to explore more of Nashville with my   parents, siblings, cousins and uncle & aunt!

What Else Is New…


I don’t know I think I covered a lot of exciting and positive things happening right now 🙂 This is one of my favorite times of the year because of the season and the traditions I have with my family and friends.

What is your favorite July 4th tradition and/or recipe?


Not because this is Mix & Match Mama’s link up party but my favorite July 4th recipe for the past few years has been Shay’s Red, White & Blue Triffle! My family and friends love it so I will definitely be making it again this year 🙂 Best weekend of the summer!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July Weekend!

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    My June TV-watching has been all about the Bachelorette and GoT too! (Ok and Grey’s on Netflix because I’m still making my way through that!) When I was trying to get back into GoT (my ex loves it and we broke up right around the time it came back in April so I wasn’t sure I could handle it!), my one friend was like, “No, you’ll love it! It’s so much faster paced this season and stuff actually happens!” But… I didn’t love that about it. I certainly got back into the show, and I didn’t hate this season, but it just felt weird to have so many major things happening so quickly. I think I’m definitely in the minority there though, haha! It is good to see the Starks finally regaining some power after all this time! I was never exactly Team Stark (just Team Arya, ha!), but I hate Cersei (even so much more now since the finale UGH), so anyone who could potentially give her a comeuppance is fine by me! 🙂

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      Cupcake N Dreams


      Aw I’m sorry to hear that Jess! But I’m glad you got back on the GoT train. I agree that Cersei just got worse and I’m so excited for Arya to be in Westeros again! The moving pieces in the season finale made me so happy as a fan. Thanks for stopping by!