Workin It Wednesdays: New Years Resolutions

01/11/2017 0 Comments

I’m linking up with my favorite bloggers Shay and Erika today for their first Workin’ It Wednesday!

Today we’re talking how we’re keeping those New Year’s resolutions, or goals as I like to call them.

I made a decision a few years ago to lead a lifestyle of being active and drinking more water, so I won’t focus on those healthy resolutions today. (To work towards that lifestyle I love Youtube workout videos, Spotify upbeat playlists, and my vapur water bottle for daily motivation.)

These resolutions are similar to ones I made last year, that I felt I wanted to keep going:

Read 12-16 books at least

I picked up Better Than Before by a favorite author, Gretchen Rubin, (I’ve mentioned how I’m following her happiness calendar this year too) and The Boston Girl.


Learn the basics of a new language

I used this app last year to learn Spanish and freshen up on my French. I didn’t stick with it for the whole year but I managed a good 5 months last year. I started Italian last week  and hope to make it 6 months. It hasn’t made me fluent, but it’s an easy, game-like way to learn the basics! It even has a speak-to part to work on the pronunciation of the words.

Meditate a few times a week

Meditation has already been part of my lifestyle for the last few months. I swear by the Breathe App as a great way to ease into meditation!

Schedule more girlfriend get togethers

There is nothing like girl time especially with old friends. I already have a paint and sip scheduled with some girl friends at the beginning of next month and I can’t wait!

Travel to one or two new places

I have two new cities on the calendar so far in the next 6 weeks alone! I’m sure they won’t be the end of my new travel for 2017. Stay tuned…

Now some of these are ones I can’t accomplish in week one of the year, most of them are on-going.

I can’t wait to check out everyone’s in the linkup

Check back tomorrow for another round of my travel essentials 🙂


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